These great Goosebumps-inspired Halloween costumes will allow your child to experience a fun trick-or-treat event by dressing them up in their most favorite R.L. Stine monster!

Here are five easy DIY Goosebumps-inspired Halloween costumes that the kids will surely love:

Slappy the Dummy is perhaps the most popular monster Stine created for the Goosebumps series. It is also a monster that is easy to cosplay. You just need to pick out a black suit with a white undershirt. Pin a red flower as a brooch. Top it up with a red bowtie and imitate Slapp’s makeup – voila! You got a Slappy the Dummy costume!


The Mummy is definitely one of the highly-rated Goosebumps-inspired Halloween costumes chosen by parents and kids alike since it is easy to make. A long strip of dirt-white cloth or several rolls of toilet paper will do.


The Haunted Mask is another one of Stine’s monster that you can get an inspiration from if you want a Goosebumps-inspired costume this Halloween. You can buy an ordinary mask from the store and just paint it similar to the ones in the Goosebumps book – all green and scary!

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Lawn Gnomes are the most suitable to cosplay by children. After all, their small height is perfect for the said character. Pick out any gnomes outfit from the store. Don’t forget to add the beard!


Murder the Clown is very easy to imitate since you just need a clown costume and clown makeup to create the desired costume you want to show off during the Halloween trick-or-treat event. Don’t think that only Stephen King has popularized an iconic scary clown! Stine has created one too – that’s Murder the Clown!

Most of these Halloween Costume monsters in the Goosebumps series are pretty easy to make. No need to spend a lot of money on them too since you can make personally make them yourself.

Do you have other DIY Halloween Costume ideas inspired from the Goosebumps series? Share it with us!