Who didn’t have a scary story from childhood? With the upcoming release of the Goosebumps sequel, it is just timely for us to talk about those goosebumps-inducing memories from when we were kids. You definitely can’t deny that there were moments when you’ve stayed in the closet during the night because you were scared of the shadows by the window. As a kid, I bet you also have covered yourself up entirely with your blanket to block out your wild imaginations.

Here are some of the goosebumps moments that haunted our childhood, which I bet you and I can relate to.

#1. Blackouts at night.

When blackouts happen at night, it will feel like everything is plunged in darkness. As a child, the most fearsome thing is definitely to be left alone in the dark. Children have an inherent fear of the dark, after all. When blackouts occur, you’d feel uneasy, as if something bad will happen. You’ll either cry hysterically, run to your parent’s side, or curl in the corner when that happens.

#2. Squiggly worms… in your food.

Aside from being a goosebumps-inducing experience, finding squiggly worms in your own food can be traumatic too. You’ll forever remember the surprise, nausea, and gut-wrenching feeling you had when you first bit your sandwich – only to find out squiggly worms squirming in the patty. Yuck!

#3. Unexplained images in photographs.

Photographs can make memories last forever. However, they can also cause you goosebumps when you unexpectedly capture something that shouldn’t be captured. What is that dark spot with two light flashes underneath your bed in the picture?

#4. Auditory hallucinations?

When you are home alone or when you walk through a deserted corridor at school, you sometimes imagine a lot of things. Like, is there an extra sound of footsteps behind you? Did someone open the door upstairs?

#5. Your mind playing tricks on you.

Kids are overly imaginative. They tend to see things beyond what adults can see. Or is it just their mind playing tricks on them. For example, what is that white thing floating outside the window?

As you go through memory lane, you’ll get to remember a few goosebumps moments in your childhood. What other experiences have you remembered? Share it with us!