When you are a Goosebumps fan, then you have probably read One Day at HorrorLandThis book tackles the story of a family that got lost on the way to an actual theme park they originally planned to go to. Frustrated, they decided to just enter the nearest theme park they can find.

But of course, while it may be creepy right at first sight, who would immediately think that this is the theme park of doom? Each of the rides is scary and murderous. If you can’t keep your head on the first ride, then the second attraction will definitely do you in. If the attractions can’t take your life, then the Horrors (the monsters running HorrorLand) will find a way to push you to Hades.

The Horrors are fun-loving horned monsters, but they don’t really like humans all that much. They prefer torturing humans instead. Here are some of the prominent Horrors that you should take note of, just in case you find yourself lost in GoosebumpsHorrorLand.


Byron is a savior in this Goosebumps story who can keep them away from harm when in HorrorLand. However, for fellow Horrors, Byron is a criminal who indulges in the taboo of saving humans. Of course, there’s a spoiler twist about Byron – and all the Horrors in HorrorLand. You can read it in Goosebumps’ “The Streets of Panic”.


Horrifico, Just with his name alone, you’d know that he is the kind of horrific Horror you don’t want to cross. HorrorLand is definitely a horrendous place to visit in the Goosebumps series, especially with kids. Who would be so twisted to come up with such a theme park?! No one else but Horrifico.

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Monster-X is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to the Goosebumps‘ mysterious Horrors. Monster-X is the one who secretly keeps in contact with the Morris’ siblings Lizzie and Luke. He basically plays a vital role in bringing the siblings to HorrorLand.

Blek is another Horror that the Goosebumps TV series brought to life. To clarify, you can’t read about Blek in the books. He is only seen in the One Day at HorrorLand Goosebumps TV episode. Blek is the one who helped the protagonists escape the theme park. In the end, he was devoured by Ripper.

Chef Belcher doesn’t have a prominent role. They have short appearances and only helps out around the theme park. The Horror is a small restaurant chef. However, don’t be deceived by his humble appearance! Belcher is actually one of the disguises of Jonathan Chiller. Just a head’s up: Jonathan Chiller is also Murder the Clown.

Do you think that HorrorLand is a fun place to go to? Have you met some Horrors? If you have some Horrors in mind, don’t forget to leave their names behind, so we can track them down once we visit this amazing Goosebumps‘ horror theme park!