Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween will be hitting the theaters this coming October. Now that makes us remember the first film starring the versatile actor Jack Black. Do you miss him? Do you also miss the monsters that reigned the Fall Dance of Madison, Delaware? Here’s a recap for you then! Here are the memorable Stine monsters that graced the first Goosebumps film released last 2015.

Monster: The Abominable Snowman

Book: The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena

The Abominable Snowman is the first Stine monster accidentally released by Zach in the first film. This monster is modeled after the mythological creature that haunts snow terrains – the Yeti.

Monster: Slappy the Dummy

Book: Night of the Living Dummy

When we talk about the Goosebumps franchise, Slappy the Dummy is one of the recurring villains that has brought fright and terror to the readers. As one of the popular Stine monsters, it is no wonder that his character was brought to life in the Goosebumps film. Slappy is a living ventriloquist’s dummy that enslaves the person who brings him back to life.

Monster: The Lawn Gnomes

Book: Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes

Gnomes are common decorations found in gardens. In Stine’s world though, gnomes are animated monsters fueled by revenge. They shatter easily but can also quickly reassemble as easily. Slappy released them right in Stine’s front yard and burned their book. The gnomes – all 600 of them – cornered and attacked Zach, Hannah, Champ, and Stine in the kitchen before the four escaped through the basement.

Monster: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

Book: The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp is a carnivorous monster with a superhuman sense of smell. In the film, his appearance is a furry werewolf that wears basketball jersey shorts and basketball shoes. He is bipedal but runs – and oftentimes walks – on fours.

Monsters: The Giant Praying Mantis

Book: A Shocker on Shock Street

First appearing in the book A Shocker on Shock Street, the Giant Praying Mantis is one of the giant animatronic insects that Stine created for the Goosebumps franchise. There are differences in the Giant Praying Mantis from the book and the movie though. In the book, the mantis is animatronics but the one in the film is biological. Moreover, the mantis is supposed to spew black gooey substance yet in the film it is white.

Monster: Graveyard Ghouls

Book: Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls

Zombies are staples of horror stories. Thus, the Goosebumps series has its own zombie legion too! In the film, the Graveyard Ghouls appeared in the graveyard which served as the shortcut path that Zach, Champ, Hannah, and Stine treaded to reach Madison High School.

Monster: The Invisible Boy

Book: My Best Friend Is Invisible

In the book, the Invisible Boy is named Brent Green. His trademark is a pair of child handprints in glass windows. As Stine and the rest are driving toward Madison High School, the Invisible Boy made his presence known through his handprints on the windshield. Stine got rid of him by shaking him off the car. At the end credit scene, it is shown that the Invisible Boy wasn’t among the monsters sucked into Stine’s new book.

Monster: Blob Monster

Book: The Blob That Ate Everyone

In the 2015 Goosebumps film, the Blob Monster is the last of Stine’s monster that Slappy released. It is a formless mass of amorphous slime. Slappy used it to attack Stine and the rest as they run for their lives and finish the Stine’s new book along the way.

With the looming premiere of the Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween movie, it is highly recommended that you watch the first film first, especially if you haven’t watch it before. Not because it is a prequel to the latest film; just simply because it is worth watching! Slappy won’t be happy if you don’t watch the film too!