After the immense success that the Goosebumps book series have enjoyed, Scholastic made the decision to have a spin-off gamebook series. Still with R.L. Stine penning the new books, the Give Yourself Goosebumps series was released.

Most of the books in this series were written with two separate stories that revolve around a similar plot line. The reader can then take part in how the story is going to end. Some of the books have pretty good continuity while there are some where continuity seems to be ignored. A third plot line may also be present in some of the books too. Referred to as a side story, it usually has a few endings that do not usually take a long time to get over and done with. However, some of these side stories only have bad endings which means that they are better avoided.


The thirty-sixth book in the spin-off series, Ship of Ghouls was published in 1999. In the book, the reader, along with his friend Glenn, take a cruise to Japan for two weeks. However, they met a fellow passenger who says that there are people on board the boat that are doing experiments on the boat. This experiment has resulted in people turning into fish-like creatures and he plans on blowing the ship up. You have the choice to either to jump off or to inform the captain about the threat. If the ship does blow up, you will meet new friends that you will have to work along with in order to survive. If you decide to follow the passenger, you will be able to witness the results of these experiments and have to actually defeat the person in charge of the whole operation.

As what is common in the gamebook series, there are several endings to this book, over twenty actually, with the numbers favouring more on the bad endings. However, it has a few good endings if you flip the dice right. Below are five ‘great escape’ ones you can end up with when reading the gamebook.

Hawaii getaway

Dolphins ended up attracting a US Navy ship to where you are. It then drops you off in Hawaii where you decide to go to the Marina Institute and spend some time there.

Galapagos journey

You encountered a tortoise that takes you to the Galapagos Islands. You then decide to devote your time volunteering for science.

Home at last

You manage to end up home. This is all well and good although you and the others around you will now have to endure the fact that you smell like fish.

Turtle Tom

Tom Bosco was turned into a giant turtle. He insisted that you should keep him as your pet. He is a lawyer, as it turned out and to thank you for his food and for the tank, he takes on the task of doing the taxes for your parents. He also helps you go after the cruise line through legal means.

Fancy dining

You arrive in California and you are then taken to a sushi restaurant.