The 2018 Gaza border protests or what the Palestinian protest organizers call “The Great March of Return” that was launched on the 30th of March was planned to last until 15th of May. The demonstration is primarily aimed at demanding that the Palestinian refugees displaced during the 1948 war and their descendants will be allowed to return to their former home which is now the Jewish State of Israel. It is a six-week campaign consisting of a series of protests initiated at the Gaza Strip, close to the Gaza-Israel border. The original theme of the march was sketched that protesters would not approach the deadliest zone for the citizens of Gaza – near the fence where Israel’s drew the line. It was supposedly a peaceful protest doing non-violent activities such as singing, dancing, and signs that read “implement resolution 194” which apparently should have taken place without aggression but instead it was marked as the deadliest days of Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the 2014 Gaza War.

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