The surprisingly hit movie from 2017, Happy Death Day, is indeed getting a sequel and is going to scare us in the coming Valentines Day.

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions have released Happy Death Day 2U official trailers. For those haven’t watched the first Happy Death Day movie, it is a comedic horror story of a student (Jessica Rothe) who keeps reliving her last day and dying over and over until she finds out who her murderer is. Alas! After being slain in assorted ways for a number of times, she finally ended the loop.

Happy Death Day 2U is One Hell of a Job

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Tree Gelbman does not have enough time to savor having to live another day as she is on for the sequel. Her masked murderer is out again, not just for her but also to hunt her friends. But who or what may have caused this time loop to begin with? Christopher Landon, the director of this almost Groundhog Day-horror series has hinted before that he may explain what caused the time loop in the first place.

Happy Death Day 2U is One Hell of a Job

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Will Tree and her friends be able to get to live another day or will accept that dying over and over is easier than the dangers lying ahead?

Happy Death Day was a breakout movie of 2017. So, here’s an even bigger question. Will Happy Death Day 2U be able to pull it off or break down the franchise? We all have to find out this February 14.

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