He Chose Joy! Dan Metcalf

Book Title: He Chose Joy!: The Story of Matthew Metcalf

Author: Dan Metcalf

Genre: Memoirs, Inspiration & Spirituality

Paperback: 60 pages

Publisher: WestBowPress

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1449735428

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This is the story of Matthew Metcalf and his family’s walk through his journey with cancer.  It is a powerful and inspiring narrative from Matthew’s dad, Dan, about their deep and untenable faith and love of Jesus.

I first met Matthew in 2003 when I removed 75% of his malignant brain tumor.  Unfortunately, the brain tumor reoccurred, and Matthew decided to spend a month on the road with his dad visiting friends.  He then went to be with the Lord on November 6, 2003.


He Chose Joy! Dan Metcalf

Dan Metcalf with wife Susan and son Stephen


I have always remembered Matthew and his parents as always spiritual. They taught me the meaning of one’s right to choose when to be with the Lord.  After Matthew passed, I often thought of Matthew and his parents. His dad, Dan, a long-haul truck driver, reminded me of my dad who was an electrician. In 2012, nine years after I first met Matthew, I had a life-changing event:  I received a copy of Dan’s book and a heartfelt note that read “…our hope to help families know hope beyond illness…thank you.”  I read Dan’s book, was overcame with emotion, and immediately reconnected with Matthew’s family.  Since 2012, I have often told Matthew and his family’s personal and touching story numerous times and have always recommended this book to others in time of need.

This book truly gives others hope in thanking Jesus for giving us the wisdom and determination to persevere in our most challenging times of life.  We allow Him to guide us to find hope even in the darkest moments for the lessons learned can give us insights on how to bring light to others.


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