Bad endings and deaths are quite common in R.L. Stine’s series, Give Yourself Goosebumps. While there are good endings to the books, they are only a few and bad endings actually populate the pages. Considering how the series leaves it up to the reader to decide what ending they will meet, there are more scare opportunities with every turn of the page, which makes for a more exciting if not a truly horrifying read. The first book in the series, Escape from the Carnival of Horrors, certainly does not disappoint.

There are several endings that are present in the book. There are good and ambiguous ones, but what is most noticeable though is the variety of horrendous endings that await the unfortunate reader. Death remains to be the most common ending, a wrong choice can also lead to loss of control, slavery, permanent transformation, becoming an undead being, becoming trapped, and permanent transformation among others.

Escape from the Carnival of Horrors starts with you sneaking into the annual carnival, which was closed, along with your friends Brad and Patty. You will need to escape once you learned that the carnival is actually evil and you and your friends get trapped by the owner. Forced to test out all the rides before it opens, your choices will determine which monster you will face and whether you will make it out alive. Below are 5 horrendous endings in the book.

Alligator pets

You, Brad, and Patty find yourself trapped in the carnival’s Reptile Petting Zoo. The zoo has a twist though. Instead of you petting the reptiles, it is actually the other way around. In the end, you three become the new pets of the zoo’s alligator.

Space display dummy

While on the Space Coaster, it breaks down. As a result, Brad and Patty vanish. You make the decision to just stay where you are. However, the ride suddenly fills with perfume which causes you to be immobilized. The workers at the carnival then take you away as a new space display dummy.

All over again

You went back in time right to that moment when you first learned of the Carnival of Horrors. Brad and Patty are with you but they do not remember a single thing. You do though and now you will have to go through all the horrors that you have just had experience all over again.

Ghostly horror

You were riding on a train and you see a ghost in front of you, which you successfully dodge. Unfortunately, you have also failed to notice that another one is just behind you. You get eaten by the ghost and in turn, you become a ghost too.

Death by decapitation

You find yourself trapped with axe-wielding demented elves. You were in a horse-drawn cart so you tried to make the horse move a bit faster. The horse doesn’t budge though. You ended up getting decapitated by the elves instead.