This is for all the fans who love the horror genre as much as I do. My name is Frank Roselli and I have recently released my debut book. It is called The Devil’s Daughter’s. The ghoulish concept came to mind when I wanted to think of a monster that would truly frighten me.

For some reason, a pair of horribly disfigured, Siamese sisters with large tumors covering practically every inch of their body came to mind. I imagined what it would be like to suffer an encounter with such a vile-creature who can possibly exist in the real world. One face is even uglier than the other, and she had an abnormal hand at least twice the size of her conjoint sister. Placing myself in a dark alleyway somewhere secluded, I envisioned the terribly deformed two headed sisters running at me. Their body moving awkwardly since they are trying to operate the same vehicle. Pushing forward one after the other in an un-rhythmic motion, while screaming out with rage. Each holding a weapon of their own to fatally harm me with. A hammer in one. A large meat-cleaver in the other. Odds are you will feel both torture devices once you are caught. Their monstrous, body held two killers in one.

Once they manifested in my imagination, the rest quickly came to light. I could not stop thinking about them. The ugliest children that ever lived were invading my third eye until I finally sat down to write their much-deserved story. In order to make the dark fairy-tale even creepier, it is set in the late 19th century. The story is written like a biography of someone who never existed. It quickly became a sequel novel in order to really explain their horrific childhood. An in-depth look at a tragic life that never was.

Horrortale: Carnage meets Fairy Tale

Their names are Agatha and Greta Winters and they consider themselves the most cursed princesses of all time. Growing up in the largest, most exquisite castle, the deformed little girls find themselves cut off from the rest of the world. Surrounded by tall trees in every direction. Never knowing and forever curious about what lays beyond the endless walls of endless vegetation.

Agatha and Greta’s father is Woodrow Winters. He is considered by most to be the Devil in human skin. Inheriting his father’s fortune along with the family business he is able to live the high life. Running the factory with an iron fist and mistreating his workers as if they were mindless robots with no feelings eager to serve him, Woodrow was the most powerful man in town. He was also the most ruthless. Despising his misfit children since birth he did everything in his power to make their lives hell on earth. Beating and torturing them while leaving them chained up in the creepy old attic. This is the story nightmares are made of. The savage abuse while living under his roof is unbearable.

The tormented children’s mother, on the other hand, is kind and adores them as if they are the most beautiful little girls ever born. She does her best to comfort and protect them from her wicked husband. Her name is Patricia Winters and she finds herself in a constant struggle between good and evil as she tries desperately to save her innocent children from Satan himself. She also has to make sure the housemaid Oni doesn’t discover her little secret or it is curtains for her. Patricia is forced to raise the children in complete secrecy. The maid hears noises once in a while above her head and begins to ask questions. She is too terrified of the tyrannical home-owner to further her curiosity.

Horrortale: Carnage meets Fairy Tale

Never knowing of the world beyond their imprisoning walls, Agatha and Greta soon discover two ways they can escape their father’s hell without ever leaving the attic where they are held captive. The two-headed sisters learned at a very young age how to read and write. Thanks to their mother. Agatha and Greta would often listen to her read stories to them. The intelligent children read to their mother in return. It was their favorite way to escape the confines of the devil’s dungeon in the sky. They also discovered they could free themselves of their father’s hell simply by falling asleep and dreaming.

Most of the chaotic thoughts that festered in their minds created horrors even darker than the reality they were facing. At least they had the privilege of waking up when things get really bad. On extremely rare occasions, they may even encounter a pleasant vision chemically concocted in their subconscious minds. Capable of speaking mind to mind, Agatha and Greta can exclude everyone else from their conversations, but it was almost impossible to hide their own thoughts from one another. In the end, all they want is bloody vengeance and freedom. The question is “will the devil’s daughter’s ever defeat their evil father and escape the mansion in which they are imprisoned?”

I am a huge fan of those eerie tales that make the thin hairs on your body stand at attention. Those are the kinds of stories I intend to write. I am currently working on a book called Renee Falls check for it in the not so distant future and of course the sequel to The Devils Daughter’s.

I plan to write many more stories about things that go bump in the night at

So please stay tuned.