By now, people have stopped pretending that Captain Marvel won’t show up in ‘Avengers: End Game’. It would seem like all the clues point to the fact that Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel will play a major role in the latest (and by far, grittiest) sequel of the franchise. This includes the last scene with Nick Fury from the ‘Infinity War’ movie. To be honest, it’s all theories at this point. However, as the original comics played out the same outcome, it seems more plausible when these possibilities stem from the original content. After the credits rolled in the last ‘Avengers’ movie, we see Fury contacting someone before turning to dust. Seconds later, it panned to a rather familiar emblem that many people recognize: Captain Marvel’s signet.

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Now, this means a lot of things. This is especially so after the fact that the ‘Captain Marvel’ film is next in line to be released. But of course, if we follow the sequence, Fury was in the present time. This makes it possible that he is indeed calling Danvers to help undo the chaos Thanos has created. If you religiously follow the comics, you would know that Captain Marvel is considered one of the strongest Avengers. She is so powerful that she may be able to wield the Infinity Gauntlet herself. At least, that’s what the theories tell us.

In addition, as much as Nick Fury believed in the strength of the original Avengers he assembled, it was always his idea to make Captain Marvel his Plan B. Not a band of other superheroes, just one woman. Now, we aren’t fully sure how Captain Marvel earned Fury’s trust in a major manner but we’ll soon find out when the ‘Captain Marvel’ film hits theaters this March 2019. And maybe, just maybe, we get to see another ending credit scene that will cement Captain Marvel’s role in the upcoming ‘Avengers: End Game’ movie.