That Which Demands Awareness was inspired by the years of lost time that can never be brought back. Looking at young people making the same mistakes with no answers or paradigm shifts in their dating actions, and seeing the same pain and suffering with no changes in how to solve the problems, author Edward Keith, has decided to make a difference. The principles and guidelines the book presents are based on, but not limited to, the relationships he had had and had seen that were created on foundations of air.

The mentally ill are everywhere, it is estimated that over 60 million Americans in any given year are suffering from a mental illness, identifying them while dating is goal one. This book is an instructional manual on how to identify the mentally ill while you’re dating, and therefore will give you the tools necessary to avoid becoming romantically involved with the mentally ill. This book is the new language of dating.

How Not to Date or Marry the Mentally Ill

That Which Demands Awareness is for anyone who wants to date, who is dating or whoever plans on dating. Everyone, especially the Americans, who at some time in their lives will find themselves in the dating world will relate to this book. Dating, love, and marriage are few of the oldest human and social norms, and this book is for anyone who wants true love and wants to avoid the chaotic storm that comes with dating, loving, and marrying the mentally ill.

Edward Keith believes this book will become the new language of dating.  Without this knowledge, you’re dating with both hands tied behind your back and an iron ball around your ankle.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd divorce rates are very high in today’s society, this information is needed and current to help avoid becoming one of these statistics.

But there is more to this issue than divorce— a lot more disturbing issues than marital crisis. Every day in the news, we hear and see about violent acts of rape, murder, spouse abuse, child abuse, financial abuse, and psychological abuse, from individuals who are currently dating or married to a mentally ill.

How Not to Date or Marry the Mentally Ill

This book shows you the inside history of the mentally ill.  How the mentally ill have become who they are, why they act the way they do and how you can avoid dating and marrying them. The book gives you 51 questions to ask the mentally ill while dating. It exposes the secrets that they hope to hide while dating you. Edward Keith hopes this book will give people the knowledge to empower themselves— to spot the mentally ill while dating and how to avoid a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Edward Keith learned about mental illness from his mother and father.  His father thought that abandoning me was the best choice for him and leaving Edward Keith with his alcoholic mother was the best choice for his upbringing. Growing up with a single parent, who was an alcoholic, gave him a thorough education from birth on how the mentally ill think and behave. The reason why How Not to Date or Marry the Mentally Ill was written was so he could help others avoid such mistakes. As Edward Keith wrote it:


The mental illness they grew up in is part of their soul; you can’t date it out, you can’t marry it out, and you can’t change a damn thing about it.



Edward Keith grew up in a mentally ill family to a single alcoholic parent. He has experienced all the negative realities that this kind of upbringing provides. He has learned from it and hopefully can share this knowledge with others through his book That Which Demands Awareness so they can avoid the time-wasting abuses that the mentally ill will inflict on them.