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Writing a book that caters to young adults, otherwise known as YA, is extremely challenging. With the existence of the Internet, everything they mostly need is at the tip of their fingers. Thus, it can be said that the difficulty level of catching the interest of the ever-changing youths is quite high. There’s no guarantee to their likes and dislikes. What they like now may not be the same thing they’ll like in the next book they’ll pick.

#1. Write your heart out.

As an aspiring author, you will most likely have a story brewing inside you. Thus, it is better to write your heart out first. Don’t think about the grammar rules or the spelling mistakes you make along the way. Don’t ask for advice from other people just yet. Once you have a story in mind, writing them out until the end is the first step that you have to do on your own.

#2. Write the emotional truth that you know.

No matter if you are writing about dragons or witches, there’s always an emotional truth to a story. Emotional truth is the key purpose of your story that you are using to get empathy from your readers.

#3. Write your draft fast.

Although not necessary, it is highly recommended for authors to be capable of speed writing. It is especially so when it comes to writing the first draft. Finishing the first draft fast can give you more time for meticulous revisions.

#4. No outline? No problem.

It is a good idea to have a detailed outline of what you want to write. However, it is not really required. The only requirement is that you have a general sense of direction to where you want the novel to go.

#5. Have a race.

There are many ways to have fun while writing the YA novel. One example is to have a race with yourself. A novel will mostly have thousands of words involved. You can then set a race: how many minutes will you take in writing 1000 words? Little victories here and there during the writing process can help give you a boost and keep your motivation in finishing your manuscript.

#6. Set deadlines.

It will take time to finish a manuscript. Thus, if you are hoping to finish one, it is imperative to set a deadline. This is one of the good habits to develop as an aspiring YA author. Otherwise, you’ll fall victim to the pitfall of procrastination. Always pushing back your writing task will just delay the completion of your masterpiece.

#7. Read out loud.

Sometimes, you’d know that there’s a problem with what you’ve written after reading it out loud. There are cases when it seems off or when it seems redundant. Reading out loud is one of the methods you to take advantage of to proofread your manuscript.

#8. Don’t be afraid to write something bad.

In writing, you won’t make any progress if you keep on worrying whether or not what you’ve written is a good one or a bad one. It is still better to continuously write until you reach the end of your novel. Don’t worry about what other people may think about your manuscript while you are still writing.

#9. Write what you want to read.

This tip means that you should follow your heart. Just because you read from your hardcore fan that she likes to read something about wizards doesn’t mean that you should write about that. If what you want to write a Young Adult novel, follow your heart.

#10.  Get to know your characters.

As the author, there is no one who will be the most familiar with your character other than you. You know their characters the most, what they are like – as if they are your child! Getting to know your character also helps you write about them better.