teen fiction novels

Finishing the first draft of your manuscript won’t happen overnight. You have to sit down in front of your computer to encode thousands of words for many hours. If you don’t want to burn out when writing your novel, then you should make sure to create a well-thought out writing plan. Here are the basic steps to help an aspiring author develop a writing plan.

Step 1: What’s your writing goal?

Ask yourself what your writing goal will be. The goal you set must be specific and measurable. Moreover, it should have a deadline you’ll have to follow to the tee. You might need to develop good writing habits for that, though. One good example of a writing goal is this one:

I will complete a fiction manuscript eight weeks from now.

Step 2: What tasks are necessary?

To achieve your goals, there are necessary tasks you have to complete. For example, if you are planning to write a sci-fi novel, you’d have to first research into science fiction. You may need to analyze or read books of similar genre. Writing the draft, proofreading, creating color illustrations, and so many more will also be included in the necessary tasks you should complete to produce a sci-fi novel.

Step 3: What comes next?

After you have a list of necessary tasks, the next thing to do is organize them. Properly organizing the tasks makes it easier for you to manage the entire writing project. Come up with a strategic plan so that you can organize the tasks properly.

Step 4: Is the strategic plan suitable to you?

Your lifestyle will have an impact on your writing plan. If you are a retiree with lots of free time, then spending most of the day writing is okay. However, that won’t be possible if you are a single mom who’s working two jobs in a day. Basically, the plan you create should be a practical one. Consider your current lifestyle and base your writing plan according to that.