Most of us are moving in a fast-pacing world. Each one of us is into different professions and stance in life. Let’s say you’re an artist, and it’s your duty to paint and mold. Let’s say you’re an architect, and it’s your duty to design buildings. Or maybe you’re an app developer, and your duty is to innovate applications for Android or iPhone.

Aren’t you noticing something? These are only of the few professions that need absolute creativity. But does this mean that the people aligned with these are the only ones that need to get their creativity flowing? Nope. You’re wrong. You can always let those creative juices flow in you. Whatever your field is, it doesn’t matter. Creativity is always open for everyone.

how to get your creativity flowing

But actually, it also depends on which part a person is creative with. Creativity can be a matter of interest too. There are people that, when they’re forced to do something that they don’t like, their creativity is hardly seen. If they don’t like it, they will never like it.

So? How do you get your creativity flowing? I have some helpful list on how you could let those creative juices flow in you. Don’t worry, for this list is not even profession specific. Are you ready?

In order to let your creative juices flowing you need to:

1. Take a good read.

Other people may find this really boring but reading a good book, novel, or any articles of interest is very helpful in sparking your creative juices to flow. Reading is also capable of revving up your brain as well, it also helps you charge your memory and make you smarter too. It also improves your vocabulary, writing, and analytical skills. The best thing about reading is that it informs us. It introduces things that are quite new to us. Through this, another information is added and therefore enhancing our creativity.

2. Play brain exercises.

It’s not only your body that needs exercise but your brain does too. An example of this is by doing things that aren’t really usual to you. If you’re a right-handed person, you could always do the practice of using your left hand. Another good exercise for the brain is doing mathematical calculations in your head. It’s a not-so-easy task sometimes, especially if you’re dealing with large numbers, and you’re also trying to divide numbers which produce irrational results. Nevertheless, it’s a good practice for your mental skills too.

3. Get adequate sleep

I’m pretty sure that this is the highlight part to some readers since it’s about sleeping. Yes. You’ve read it right, sleeping is very good for enhancing your creativity. Why is that? It’s not just the tissues or muscles that repair themselves during sleep but so does the brain. Just also imagine your brain as a memory cleaner in your smartphone. When we clean our phone memory it also cleans out the unnecessary RAM that is slowing down the phone. Did you notice that the more RAM, the slower the phone is? It’s because of too many applications that you’ve left open in your phone thus overworking it. It also happens to us when we are in an all-day work. That’s why sleeping is very important since the brain clears out the unnecessary “RAM” that’s in us (which refers to stress) while we’re asleep, making us fresh and ready for the next day. And since we’re in our “fresh” state we are more ready to receive new information.

how to get your creativity flowing

4. Try something different.

This is one of the most interesting ways to spark the flow of your creativity. You could always have the privilege to travel abroad for a new experience. For example, if you’re an architect and you’re on a quest of looking for some unique designs, you may have this opportunity to take inspiration of Santiago Calatrava’s neo-futuristic design of the “Turning Torso.” Or if you’re just into soul-searching, you can always see the wonders of the world like the Pyramids of Giza, Machu Picchu, Underground River, and many more! By exposing yourself to these wonders and the like, your brain gets excited, thus, sparking that creativity in you. We always have this cognitive response in us that when we see new things, we are amazed by it, we learn from it. And little did we know that our brain had already stored those new information.

5. Don’t stop, but don’t repeat.

Passion is always a big word. If you don’t stop on what you’re good at, you’re also inspired to do better. And by doing better, you’ve allowed that creativity to flow in your brain because you’re stuck in the mode of “growth mindset.” Don’t be afraid of failures, always push yourself to the limits! As the saying goes, “we learn more from our mistakes than our successes.”

What do we mean by “don’t repeat” in here? If you want to enhance your creative side, repetition of ideas is a no-no!

Do you agree on this list?

There are still so many lists for enhancing your creativity. As a person, we always have our own practices in order to let our creativity flowing. Whatever your ways, keep it up!