Halloween is a time for scary movies and pranks. But why do people, especially kids, get so excited about the spooky holiday? Aside from a week-long school break, one thing that makes children fervently wait for Halloween is the trick-or-treat, where they can wear costumes with their friends and travel from house to house, asking for treats. It’s a Halloween tradition for children in many countries, which is well-portrayed by Robert Burn’s poem Halloween:

Some merry, friendly, country folks Together did convene, To burn their nits, or pour their stock, And hold their Halloween.

The event was first called trick-or-treating, but it doesn’t matter. Moreover, let’s just leave the origin of trick-or-treats in the book of history— children don’t care about it anyway. All they wanted to know was how fun it would be.

Every Halloween season, children can be seen roaming happily around their neighborhood skipping from one foot to the other, then sing “trick or treat” in chorus. The “treat” is a handful to a bucket of sweets, which is usually candies and chocolates, although in some cultures, money is used instead. If no treat is given, the children perform the “trick”, an idle threat to perform mischief on the homeowners or their property. The trick isn’t really a gangster style, but just sprinkling water at them via water guns, or throwing trashes in front of their gates and lawns. So far, “tricks” didn’t go violent. Not even teens participating on the custom.

Some homeowners put Halloween decorations outside their doors or gates to let the children know they are giving treats. Others might think it’s childish, but participating on the event is actually fun, especially when you see how happy children are every time you hand them out treats. There’s no replacement to a children’s smile. So, let us make this season something unique. Here are some Trick or Treat ideas you may be able to use:
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Be Creative

Children do love candies. It’s no secret, after all!

And even if they are receiving candies for their entire childhood every Halloween season, their excitement won’t fade a bit. However, you can give them something to look forward to for the next year’s Halloween if you start sharing them unique treats now. Isn’t it so soul-refreshing to see their smile bigger than usual?

If they can’t get over candies, then you don’t have to get them over it. But they’ll be more than happy if they see unique candy designs rather than the usual. You can either choose to make your own candies. There are so many candy-making guides available in the internet, and there are also candy molds of different designs and sizes in the market, in case you don’t know how to form one by hand. It’s fun to be creative both in the process and after the product of your effort is done. You can make candies in skeleton designs, pumpkins, monsters, and black cat among others.

Oh, of course, it’s a lot easier to go for chocolates. You can play with the designs using only creams and molds. And it’s a lot tastier than candies, though you need to store it away from heat.

Be Even More Creative

Rather than candies, you can also give them something healthier and more delicious. Thinking about cookies or cupcakes?

Aside from being healthy treats, cookies and cupcakes are much easier to make than candies. Not to mention that it gives less hassle from cleaning sticky mess than candies. With cookies you can easily form any designs, especially using chocolates. It’s just like child’s play. In fact, you can ask your children to help you in baking. They might be able to come up with a unique design. And if it appeals to them, it would certainly appeal to other children as well. That’s a guarantee.

Be Practical

You don’t always have to go for the usual candies and chocolates. Choosing non-consumable treats could also be more important as they can keep it as a remembrance. Treats that last, maybe not for a lifetime but at least for months or years. If this sounds good to you then you can check out our list below:

  • Bouncy Balls
  • Play Doh
  • Lego
  • Washable Tattoos
  • Stickers
  • Glow Sticks

Be Educational

Speaking of practicality, nothing beats in going educational for children. It might be consumable, but at least it last longer than candies and cookies. It’s more than generous to hand them down a treat they can use when classes resume, or when they play to learn. Let’s make this season not just enjoyable but also educational. The following is a list of items you might be able to consider giving them as a treat:

  • Pencils
  • Crayons or Color Pens
  • Papers or Notebooks
  • Drawing Books
  • Coloring Books
  • Lunch box or Tumbler