We are all familiar with the hit film How to Train Your Dragon. But did you know there is a television series that follows the story after that? Yes, Dreamworks released a series that supposedly bridges the first film to the second installment of the franchise. It is sort of like a filler of what happened in the middle. Dragons: Riders of Berk smoothly follows the adventures of Hiccup. In the series, he puts the right balance to living with his scaly new friends and the Vikings, and just basically starting a Dragon Academy. His human friends are also present, helping him along the way.


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Hiccup Horrendous Haddock, together with his trusty dragon ‘Toothless’, makes up the ‘Riders of Berk’. Both of them together are unmatched and have the strongest bond among all the rider/dragon tandem.

Next, we have Astrid Hofferson, resident bad girl, along with her dragon ‘Stormfly’. She is practically second-in-command. Somehow, along the series, Hiccup gives Astrid a ‘betrothal necklace’, making them officially engaged.

Fishlegs Ingerman is also a recurring character in the series, which is no surprise considering that he’s one of Hiccup’s closest friends. He rides with his dragon friend ‘Meatlug’ and although he isn’t as brave as Hiccup and the rest, he still helps his friends along the way.

Moving on, we have Snotlout Jorgenson and his dragon ‘Hookfang’ who he has a complicated relationship with.

Lastly, we have the twins Tuffnut and Ruffnut Thorston with their two-headed dragon ‘Barf and Belch’. Most of the time, both agree with each other. But when the twins end up arguing, they usually fight within themselves too.

Dragons: Riders of Berk has earned quite the positive reputation and its reviews are phenomenal. It’s a bit darker compared to the actual movie but it also answers a lot of questions that were questionable in the movie. It also explains a lot about the lives of the Vikings after they cohabited with the Dragons.

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