“I Was Born to Dew” is a poetry collection that consists of 48 poems. There is a wide variety of poetry such as romance, motivation, inspiration, and ones that required a lot of thought and creativity. I write my poetry as part of my therapy and it’s a way to express myself. I can be very shy and writing is a way for me to express my feelings about things.

When I first started writing I had a lot of issues with trying to make them too much like rap lyrics. I figured it out and the more I write, the better I get about my own vocabulary. I used bad words a lot and now I don’t use them near as much as I did before.

When I was growing up I was counted out a lot and not very many people thought I would amount to anything in life. I fell victim to the wrong crowd, chose bad friends, and it almost broke me. I write to show that no kid should ever be counted out. If a child has health issues, behavioral issues, or anything of the sorts, never count them out. My writing is for those kids that people don’t think will amount to anything.

I Was Born to Dew

I also write for those that are just lost in life and are just trying to find their way. I was a freshman in high school and that is the year I decided to really change my life around. I wanted to play football but I got cut; I wanted to play basketball but I got cut; I was only 15 and it hurt me. I changed sports, became a runner, and eventually made new friends. It’s for people to understand that things happen for a reason, I can give many examples from my life.

My book is different than other books because it is not just based around one specific thing. There are different topics when it comes to my poetry, not just all motivation or all romantic. Almost every poem in my book has a meaning to it, and a lot of them has a lesson to be learned. My poems are like short stories minimized into poems. I like to tell stories but I lose focus kind of easy.

People should buy my book because it can inspire anyone. I write for others. I do not write my poems for me; I write them for others. If you are going through something, then my book has the inspiration that you need to get out of that situation. My book is inspiring and there is a lot of encouragement in it.

I Was Born to Dew

My name is Andrew Henson and I was born February 26, 1996. I was born in St. Charles, Missouri. I write because of the things that I have went through in my life. I had it rough growing up and then I fell into the wrong crowd. If you want to know about my life and my come-up, get my book. I graduated high school in 2015. I am currently enrolled in college for a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I want to be an inspiration for all the younger people out there who don’t have a role model or are just not going about life the right way.

I am a very odd person to most people. I love going to church— making Jesus Christ my Lord was the best decision that I ever made. I also love playing card games, I like Yu-Gi-Oh, I like Pokémon, and games like that. I love reptiles, they are my favorite type of animal. I have four turtles and a lizard; one day I hope to have a snake as well.

Me as an author I like to write about anything, I like challenges. I like to write poems with other people, that is one of the best ways I find to express myself as well as connect with other people. I accept ideas from anyone too, I love getting crazy ideas. I want more ideas to allow me to show my creativity rather than going completely off of my feelings and emotions.