Date – any girl would definitely feel pressured to look good in front of the guy who asks her out. While men may be obsessed with planning where to go, where to eat, and what topics to bring up in the conversation, there is probably nothing that can top off the pressure a girl feels.

The moment a guy asks her out, she will be scouring her whole dresser, looking for the perfect outfit. Expect her to be nosy about where to go. For a girl, her outfit is a reflection of her and a way to please the person she is with. She can practically stop caring about her own comfort as long as this makes the man she is with feel pleased.

But, it is time to stop that girl.

Today, some dates do not have to be about fancy restaurants, violins, candlelit dinners, or opera music. Many couples opt to keep things low-key, so instead, they spend their dates on casual strolls. So how can you still impress even if it means ditching the heels? Here are some footwear suggestions:

1. Flat Sandals

casual date footwear for ladies

There is nothing that can make you look as lady-like and comfortable as flat sandals would. These can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and what-have-you. Sandals are an essential especially if you are in a hurry to go and still want to impress.

These are the perfect pairs to get when you are headed for a beach day or to luncheons during hot summer days. You can basically say sandals are lifesavers during these times when you want to look glammed up but avoid the sweaty feet that summer can bring.

2. Sneakers

casual date footwear for ladies

Back in the day, sneakers were only for kids and teenagers who know nothing much about fashion. Sure they are comfortable and can be worn almost anywhere, but they simply don’t give that girly aura that your date would probably appreciate. But those days are gone.

Today, sneakers are the go-to shoes of many people because they can be worn with virtually anything without anyone ever raising a brow. You can just put on a pair of sneakers with your cute little black dress, tie a messy bun, carry a small bag, and you are good to go.

3. Ballet Flats

casual date footwear for ladies

Nothing spells lady-like without the pain and blisters like ballet flats. They are cute articles that blend in with any articles. Wear it for your casual day doing grocery or play it up a bit with a flowy dress.

The good thing about ballet flats is that they come in different colors. They can keep up with the times as well so they come in a variety of materials – from rose gold to metallic, to denim – basically, everything.

You can wear this with your shorts and a cute top, jeans, or dress. Just add some pretty lip color, and you will surely impress your date.

4. Gladiators

casual date footwear for ladies

Yes, gladiator sandals are back!

Footwear with strong details like gladiator sandals adds a lot of drama to your look. You can wear these with minis and shorts and still give that illusion that your legs are covered. Not only that, the details add some sexy aura into an otherwise simple outfit.

You’ve seen Queen B don it during her casual shopping day and you can own the look, too!

5. Kitten Heels

casual date footwear for ladies

Do you want to keep your look feminine but want to avoid the blisters and pain caused by high heels? Good news for you! Kitten heels are like heaven for many women. They give that feminine and glamorous touch but without the commitment that comes with heels.

Just an inch high, they can be in different patterns and colors. They are good for mules, strappy sandals, or studded ones. They can also be worn from day to night. Your date would surely appreciate if you can keep up when strolling the park – something pained feet can’t do in high heels.

6. Mules

casual date footwear for ladies

The marriage between shoes and sandals, mules are becoming go-to trendy items these days. Not only are they comfortable to wear, they also keep your look classy. They are best worn for a day at the beach.

7. Block heels

casual date footwear for ladies

Another stylish option is a pair of block heels. They look great and adds some length to your legs (a bonus if you are dating a tall guy) but with more support. Block heels can also come in different colors and materials so you can choose one for a day strolling around Parisian blocks or one for partying in the club.

8. Wedge

casual date footwear for ladies

Wedges are cute, comfortable, and supportive. You can walk with them throughout the day without pain at all. They can go with casual jeans and top or with a more feminine dress.

9. Boots

casual date footwear for ladies

If you want to add some character to your look, you can always choose a pair of boots in whatever cut you like. Knee-high boots, for example, are perfect for those micro-minis if you are going to a club party. Ankle boots will look nice if you want to spend some time in a park.

What’s your ideal casual date? Who says you need to suffer just to impress? These footwear options will tell you that you can make the most out of your date most comfortably and stylishly.