Diamante Lavendar is an award-winning author and artist.  Diamante Lavendar’s books are all inspirational in nature.  She weaves her spiritual beliefs into her work and hopes that it will bring peace and healing to her readers.  All three books Diamante has currently published are about things she has dealt with in life.  Some of the topics are dark, such as abuse and loss, but Diamante has learned through the years that the hardest things she has gone through have brought about the greatest insights and given her the most wisdom.


Breaking The Silence, Diamante’s first published work is written as a memoir with diary entries.  A recipient of six awards for Inspirational Fiction, Breaking The Silence covers topics such as the childhood abuse Diamante suffered as well as losses she endured later in her life.  Breaking The Silence is a memoir about Diamante’s years from birth to her later twenties when she had her first surviving child.  It is a story of heartbreak and redemption, trauma, hope, and healing.  Here is some praise for Breaking The Silence:


Personally, I am highly impressed by the author and I really appreciate the way she has created this emotional, heart touching story. I heartily recommend this novel for everyone with huge five stars.

Anna Steven


Inspiration self-discovery & wisdom: Diamante Lavendar’s Books

Joanie Petite’s story is one of hope, strengthened by her faith in God and her expectation of the gift of another child. Even though her chances of achieving her dreams were slim, she tied a knot, garnered all the strength she could muster and held on. Definitely a story of encouragement for those who may be crumbling beneath the weight of despair, hurtful memories of the past, doubts in the present and fear of the future. Joanie’s life is a perfect example that with determination, hope, and faith we can overcome the worst adversities. I highly recommend.



Diamante hopes that Breaking The Silence will give a voice to other victims and will encourage them to not only heal but also overcome their difficulties so they are able to move on and fulfill their dreams and destinies.

Diamante’s second book entitled Poetry and Ponderings is also written about her experiences of abuse and loss.  A recipient of eight awards and two honorable mentions for Inspirational Poetry, Poetry, and Ponderings is a poetic journey through Diamante’s life, aptly sprinkled with prose and affirmations.  Poetry and Ponderings explores the concepts of gratefulness, forgiveness, and wisdom in healing from all sorts of pain and trauma.  Here is praise for Poetry and Ponderings:

This collection is a tribute to all those silent voices who continue to suffer. There is power in every piece, the power to rise from the ashes like a phoenix, to rediscover oneself. It instills courage, it gives hope and above all, it brings about a sense of peace.

Reading Writings


Meant to encourage and inspire other victims of abuse, this captivating collection of poetry and prose will make you cry, will make you think, and will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. You will want to hold onto this one and read it again.

Cheryl Malandrinos

Inspiration self-discovery & wisdom: Diamante Lavendar’s Books

One of Diamante’s driving forces regarding writing about abuse and loss is to let other victims know that they’re not alone in their experiences.  She also writes to console others in knowing that she understands what they’re going through.  This was also the driving force behind Diamante’s third book, Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief.  In 2016 Diamante’s youngest daughter passed away unexpectedly just weeks before her nineteenth birthday.  The blow was so devastating that Diamante penned Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief to honor her daughter and to help other parents who have gone through the same fate.  To date, Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief has won five awards for Inspirational Poetry and Religion/Spirituality as well as an honorable mention for the same.  Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief showcases Diamante’s award-winning art as further exploration into the concepts of love, life and eternity.   Two reviews are shared below regarding Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief:


From illusions of darkness and separation to the realities of harboring false beliefs and following the road to healing, Lavendar’s verse and insights follow the process of not only recovery; but finding the kind of empathy and understanding from the healing process that strengthens other connections in life. -Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review


From grief to staying positive, Lavendar has a knack for looking at emotions and making them meaningful. Just about every other page contains beautiful art that calms the mind, and the lyrical poetry inspires you to look inward, shore yourself up and go on. Everyone experiences love and loss and this multi-layered collection will resonate with many. The author has a way of connecting her personal experiences to anyone who might read this book. You will relate to and understand her pain, while perhaps healing your own. Highly recommended.


One reviewer had this to say about Diamante:  There is something of an influx of “inspirational authors” these days, but few have the ability or insight of Lavendar.



Not only an author but also an award-winning artist, Diamante enjoys creating all sorts of art including drawing, painting, digital art, fractal art, and photography.  Diamante’s portfolio includes nearly 140 pieces and can be viewed at www.diamante-lavendar.pixels.com.


Diamante also enjoys writing music in her spare time.  Three of her songs can be found on her website at www.diamantelavendar.com.


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