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Throughout the years, Hollywood has introduced to us a lot of racing movies, and I mean “a lot”, and they’re not exactly very different from each other. The plot always remains almost the same: win the damn race. Rarely though, we are introduced to a more deep sense of things in the story but that’s 1 in 10 and that ratio isn’t very good. We’re at this point where people just don’t get that excited anymore and maybe it’s time to go a little rogue.

This is where Trading Paint comes in. It stars John Travolta, Shania Twain, Toby Sebastian, Michael Madsen, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, Kevin Dunn, and so much more. Judging from the trailers and teasers that I’ve encountered all throughout, this doesn’t rub off as your typical racing movie. In fact, it’s more about relationships. It doesn’t focus on romance although there are hints of it. The most important aspect of this movie is the relationship between a father and his son.



The story is about a father-son duo in the racing world. They begin to drift apart from each other after they rake in plenty of losses on the track. A rival racing company takes advantage of the occurrence and offers the son an opportunity like no other. This makes the father-son relationship even worse. Engines rev and sparks fly when both get the chance to race each other and it just might be the most dangerous race the both of them have ever been in.

John Travolta plays ‘Sam’, father of ‘Cam’ played by Toby Sebastian. This will mark the comeback of Travolta in Hollywood after being in hiatus for a long time. Trading Paint hits theaters on February 22, 2019. It is directed by Karzan Kader, written by Craig Welch and Gary Gerani. Both AMBI and Paradox Studios are the producers of this film.