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We’re already seven films in for the Madea franchise and this old lady is showing no signs of slowing down. With her coming back to life in Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, you could say this is one lady that’s tough to crack. But is she really? Tyler Perry – director, writer, producer, and actor of the franchise – thinks otherwise. He’s ready to write off the vindictive character for good with a banging new movie that’s going to hit theaters this March 1, 2019.

For the upcoming film called A Madea Family Funeral, Perry revealed during a radio segment he guest starred in that it is, in fact, time to kill off the ‘old bitch’. Although he said it in a joking manner, it would seem like the perfect closure for all of us who have been loyal to the franchise all this time. It is Madea’s world and she should go with a fabulous bang.


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A Madea Family Funeral will be the 8th movie from the franchise (11, if you include cameos) and it sounds like this time, Perry has made up his mind for good, adding that he doesn’t want Madea’s age to be “playing her”. It makes a lot of sense considering that the first Madea movie was released years ago. Back then, Perry’s character didn’t exactly start young. Perry also hinted that Madea will be having a farewell stage tour, along with some of the original characters throughout the series.

Of course, even with this being the last of the franchise, it’s hard to ever forget the old black lady. After all, her vindictive and savage side had us rolling in laughter for years. Throughout it all, we’ve seen Madea do the craziest of things. She spouted the most vulgar of words. One might even say that we’ve invested so much into this series that it’s hard to let go. Well, no matter what, we’re always going to be part of Madea’s world. Moreover, she is always going to be a part of ours.