Jane Bernard has been writer for 25 years. Her experience range from writing for educational television to re-writing screenplays. Jane has also been an adjunct writing professor.

Author Profile

Birth date: May 11
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
Pen names: Jane Bernard, Mrs. Nisses, B.H. Kennedy
Occupation: Writer, Educator/curriculum consultant, Philosopher
Genre: Intuitive thinking, Diet, Self-Help, New Thought/Psychology
No. of published books: 4

Interesting Facts

  • I have 2 children, 2 grandsons. I live in Brooklyn, NY. I have a BA in Philosophy and MA in Special Education. I love Life and Nature is my muse!
  • Created a unique Peace Curriculum currently implemented with student’s pre-K through Middle School.
  • Do Zen meditation every day and Bikram yoga regularly.
  • Very thankful to be healthy and not hungry. Love to cook and eat great food.
  • My blog, IntuitiveScribe.blogspot.com, is read by thousands of people every day.

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