Where the Brave Goes

Celebrating the new year is the same as venturing into an unknown territory. No year is the same as last year. You might think that you know what tomorrow brings, but life oftentimes play with a coin to toss your life into the interesting path or the mundane path. How much happiness you obtained in the past year may be as much sorrow you’ll have in the coming year. Only those who courageously face what life has to bring head-on can make the most of the experience.

To make life worth living, it is imperative to move forward to where the brave goes. Just like what Hiccup and Toothless did in How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World where they boldly ventured into the mysterious land at the edge of the world, despite not knowing what awaits them there, in the hopes of providing a new utopia for dragons and Vikings alike. Just like how the said film’s production team pushed through the obstacles despite all the rough twists and turns of their journey. They kept their eyes looking straight ahead and didn’t halt their steps.

Being brave doesn’t mean that you are totally fearless, though. It is okay to be afraid; take baby steps. Even the lionhearted Alita in Alita: Battle Angel willed herself to train before she became strong enough to protect the life she was blessed with, despite initially not having her memories. You can be clumsy as you slowly grapple with what life has to offer. Don’t be embarrassed to be just as awkward as Natalie when she was trying to come to terms with the changes that love brought to her life in the rom-com film Isn’t It Romantic. As long as you don’t let your fear and “what ifs” paralyze you in place, you might find yourself becoming the hero of your tale – just like how Emmett Brickowski of Lego 2: The Second Part who, faced with the vast expanse of unknown that is called space, braced himself to save his friends, his family, and his home.

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Even if you are unsure of what lies ahead of you this year, there is always one truth you can stick with: 2019 is full of possibilities. As long as you face forward and look toward a better tomorrow, the goal you have in mind may just come to fruition.

Paperclips Magazine team is just as excited and apprehensive as you as we welcome the new year with our latest issue. Be it soda, tea, or wine, we wish to toast to you to start the year right. Here’s to a good year ahead of us all!

Lara Kaye
Paperclips Magazine