About the Author

I was raised in a small, quaint town, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southern Virginia. As far back as I can remember, I was always highly imaginative. I can still recall those warm summer southern evenings welcoming the twilight setting in, with the majestic surrounding mountains casting a tranquil bluish shadow over the valley, weaving an aura of magic as my imagination would conjure up mythical tales of mysterious nocturnal creatures.

There were frequent nights when as the clock struck midnight, signaling the start of the witching hour, I was sure I heard scratching noises at the bedroom window and a haunting moan, urging me forward. I would tuck my head under the blankets, and when I thought I was safe from whoever was beckoning me, I would lift the covers and shift my gaze to the window only to discover a ghoulish appearance staring at me with a full moon adding to the ghostly scene. I soon learned that I had to close my eyes several times to vanquish these conjured up images hoping they would not invade my dreams.

My imagination would eventually follow the seasonal changes. Winter conjured up images of hellish creatures, ghosts and goblins. Halloween was the exception with its own theme of strange noises and visions of apparitions and witches stirring their cauldrons of witches brew. Winter turned into spring and summer when my imagination eased up with more uplifting fantasies of princes and princesses and heroic deeds.

As the years sped by, my imagination still conjured up these fantasies but with more prominence. But maturity in the later years spurred my imagination to realign itself to a more reality based creative mode.

I now reside in Chicago, Illinois where I graduated from college, started my career (before transitioning to an author) as a professional consultant and then my life changed for the better. A definite turning point in my life when I fell in love and married. My wife and me successfully raised a family of two sons and a daughter who turned out to be successful and productive and most importantly, happy and contented, both personally and professionally. It seemed that the most memorable imagined harmonious scenes during my youth in the nostalgic south turned into a reality. Our two sons now live in Georgia and South Carolina. Our daughter currently resides in Florida.

My past wife, a gifted writer, was raised in Kentucky. In fact, she was an entrepreneur with a variety of skills: radio host, reporter, creator of a series of children games and puppets to enhance creative development, and finally a masterful writer. It was this one latter skill of hers which connected me to my aspirations of becoming a writer. I learned a lot from her writing skills and she was my mentor during my journey to become an author. Soon though, I realized writing fictional novels was a perfect release for my imaginative creations.

Before writing, I worked in sales, marketing and information management as a consultant. I always had this passion for writing and eventually fully transitioned to authoring novels of romantic psychological thrillers and mystery.

My current novel, “A Haunting Obsession”, is new and recently published. I am currently writing the sequel to my current novel titled, “Stranger in the Shadows”, to be published fourth quarter of this year, 2019. I am introducing another character and investing a different spin with a different writing style.

A third book will follow which Is schedule for 2020 release.The third book is a departure from a fictional theme and is more of a non fiction depiction that requires research. A collaborative effort with a team of researchers, all focused on the same message, “Decline of Morality”.

A factual portrait of declining morals among society and corporations.

A more in-depth look into a world wide epidemic of declining morality and values as a society.

Interesting Facts

  • Believe in Angels
  • Believe in God
  • Believe in Ghosts
  • Have encountered a Spirit
  • Believe in Guardian Angels
  • Actually encountered my Guardian Angel
  • Have had several near death experiences
  • Each near death experience presented me the same dream
  • Had recurring dreams where my future wife appeared years before we met
  • Am an ardent fan of creative arts
  • What I find amazing is works of art which exemplifies creative genius
  • I believe there is not enough creative art programs in our educational system
  • I believe we are over digitized
  • I love jazz, blues and rock
  • Use to swing dance and sing Sinatra classics for entertainment
  • Favorite classical music – from German & Russian composers
  • Favorite rock groups – too many to list here

Featured Books

Notable Characters Created

+ Tony Christian

+ Cassandra

+ Linda