With a modern take on the Arthurian Legend, Joe Cornish has dipped his hands on directing The Kid Who Would Be King. The said movie features Louise Ashbourne Serkis on the main role of Alex, a preteen whose fateful encounter with the Arthurian inheritance puts the heavy responsibility of stopping King Arthur’s ancient archenemy from wreaking having through the land.

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Choosing an Arthurian lore to base a modern epic on, Cornish sure has his hands full. After all, King Arthur’s story has already been brought to life in movies since long ago. Numerous spin-offs have been released with Arthur, Merlin, or the Knights at the Round Table at the helm. Does Cornish have what it takes to bring a new flavor to the Arthurian epic that almost everybody knows about?


Attack on the Block

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Sure, Joe’s resume includes being in the film Hot Fuzz and Star-Wars: The Last Jedi. He can also brag about his part in writing the plot of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn and Ant-Man. However, if we look at Cornish’ background on directing, this latest film is just his second take on the task. The first film that he directed is Attack the Block, an alien invasion thriller with a comedic undertone. Not only did he direct the film, but he also gave his best in writing and producing it.

Despite Attack the Block being the first film in Cornish’ directing career, it was, fortunately, a success once it hit the big screen. In fact, Attack the Block can be considered as a cult classic that Cornish has contributed to the film industry. Upon its opening theatrical weekend, the said film was already right on the heels of the American blockbusters Thor and Fast Five and even garnered the highest cinema site average. In terms of return, the film has grossed $1,024,175 even when it has only been shown in 66 cinemas and for less than two months.

Isn’t Attack the Block a big success? Can we take the success of this film as a sign that Cornish may have more to offer with The Kid Who Would Be King?


The Kid Who Would Be King

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“The idea is that this kid is the least significant boy in history, discovering the most significant sword in history. So he lives in a very non-descript, average suburban neighbourhood,” Cornish sums up the plot of the film to Empire Online.

And what would the “most significant sword in history” be? Of course, it’ll be the sword in the stone – King Arthur’s Excalibur! Alex, the main protagonist of the story, amidst navigating through his own social woes, find himself in front of this sword stuck in a stone in the middle of concrete rubbles. While it does showcase the original Arthurian legend, the contemporary twist is somewhat contentious. I mean, out of all the people in the town, why would a preteen be the only one to find the sword in the stone?

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Looking past that though, there are still fun things to look forward to in this tale. Merlin, who is another key role in the Arthurian legend, is given a fun take as he tries to fit in the modern era, giving us a good laugh. It is also imperative to keep an eye on how the Knights of the Round Table, a very vital power for King Arthur in the original tale, will be convened when the one standing in for the king is just a grade schooler.

Join in the king’s fight in this Arthurian lore. Vanquish evil with a knight’s sword. Catch The Kid Who Would Be King in theaters this January 25. See you there!