Joseph Marino works in the field of Hospice, Palliative Care and Home Health as a gerontologist/hospice nurse for over 20 years and has studied the past as an anthropologist. (via Amazon)

Author Profile

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Full name: Joseph Marino
Birth date: May 19, 1952
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio
Genre: Children’s literature
Pen name: Joe Marino
Occupation: Anthropologist, Nurse, Author, Instructor
Genre: Fiction & non-fiction Children’s Literature,
Children: Pamela (Daughter), Sarah, Bekka,
Jake (Step-children)

Interesting Facts

  • My specialty in Anthropology was Osteology, the study of fossil bones. Went on to nursing school and specialized in hospice nursing for 13 years.
  • Achievement I received: The International Nurses Association Salutes Joseph Anthony Marino, RN, BSN, for outstanding author for innovative work: Introduction to aging death and dying.
  • Renamed Autumn of life, a guide to aging death and dying. working on two more non-fictional novels.

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Notable Characters Created

+ Mr. Rex the Dinosaur

+ Micro

+ Angie