When you think that a simple vacation getaway for the whole family will be relaxing for everyone, then think again. Jordan Peele is once again out to get under our skin with another family horror after his initial hit ‘Get Out’. This time, the film, entitled ‘Us’, will focus on how a family of four will get away from their own selves.

Just from the official trailer alone, it is easy to see that this film screams of horror to the bones. It is a complete set of horrifying episodes that include masks, doppelgangers, and bloodshed. There are also symbolisms shown here and there in the film. These symbolisms oftentimes give you hints of what secret lays behind the bloody chase. The final question that you’d probably be asking all throughout the movie is: will they be able to outrun their doppelgangers who are out to get them?


The film is downright scary and haunting. If you are not psychologically prepared for the jumpscares, think twice before watching this film. After all, you’d definitely end up getting nightmares when you sleep from here on out. Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Tim Heidecker, and Elisabeth Moss, ‘Us‘ hooks us to a game of murderous cat and mouse. This is certainly a horror film that you should watch this year.

The film will hit the theaters this coming March 22, 2019.

Take a sneak peek at what Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ horror film has to offer with the official teaser poster down below:

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