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Full Name: Joseph Brisben
Birthdate: February 27, 1941
Age: 78
Birthplace: Enid, Oklahoma.
Genre: Novels, Black comedy, Spirituality.
No. of Book Written: 3

Interesting Facts

  • I play rhythm guitar and sing in a jazz trio called Back Porch Swing. I search for honest love songs from the Great American Songbook. My best finds so far are Johnny Mercer’s “Talk to Me, Baby” and Cole Porter’s “Most Gentlemen Don’t Like Love (They just like to Kick It Around). When I feel stuck or the need for guidance, I take weeklong summer writing courses from the University of Iowa. When I received a substantial tax return two years ago, I thought about buying a dog. I sat for a golden doodle one weekend. I walk with a cane. When I took the dog out for a walk, it dragged me all around the block. Then I went to my favorite music store and saw an Ibanez guitar. It was brand new, but it looked old. There was nothing shiny about it. The mother of pearl inlays on the frets was slightly stained, and there were fake worm holes on the top. I asked the owner why this was so. He said Keith Richards wore out his Stratocaster. He asked the Fender Company to make him a new Stratocaster, but it had to look like his old one. This started a trend among guitar manufacturers. I took another look at the Ibanez. “My God,” I thought, “a guy would have to be blind, black, crippled, and over 70 to own that guitar.” Then I thought, “Two out of four’s not bad.” So I bought it.

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