Joyce Hardaker Patrick is a children’s literature author who focuses on inspiring kids and promoting Christian education. Through her works, she wants to spread Christian faith starting from kids with stories that are fun and entertaining for them to read.

Author Profile

Full name: Joyce Hardaker Patrick
Birth date: October 6, 1930
Age: 87
Birth Place: Mukwonago Winconsin
Occupation: Retired
Genre: Children’s Literature
No. of Books: 2
Children: 3 Children, 7 grandchildren & 1 great grandson

Interesting Facts

  • I was raised on a farm in SE Wisconsin. While quite young, our great aunts helped care for us. The stories they told us inspired my first book and my love for storytelling and writing.
  • My choice after college were Director of Christian Education, Public School Teaching, and Corporate Finance.
  • Hobbies are storytelling, writing, painting, creating stained glass creations, and traveling each state within USA and more.

Featured Books