Just Me Thinking Out Loud is a collection of simple thoughts written by me 46 years ago. The words and inspirations first came to me while I’m off to work, listening from songs on my car radio. Songs that had a beginning and end but no in between. These were songs that sold millions. I said to myself I could do better. After that, life around me became a script, no matter what subject it was, I kept notes. From home to work, from work to fun time, there were always a part of life that stood out in my mind. From morning to night and night to day my mind was always wondering. Love to hate, breaking up to making up, religion to politicians, people who are real and those who are not in the world we live in. Times hasn’t changed from the 1970’s to the 2000’s, people are still the same. I hope people of all types can relate and identify to any of the situations.

Until now, this script had been typed in a notebook and put away in a briefcase in my closet. One day, my sister Veronica remembered me, she loved and admired what I had written, so I decided to gift her with it on Nov. 04, 2017. After reading through it, she decided I should publish it, so she made it her duty to do just that, so I dedicated this book to her.

The title “Just Me Thinking Out Loud” was one of the seven thoughts that I had written down. By transferring my visions to paper, I’m just thinking out loud.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, I came to California when I was 5 years old and grew up in E.L.A. (East Los Angeles). I went to elementary, Jr. High and High School (Roosevelt). There was my father, mother, nine sisters and four brothers. Together we formed a family of sixteen. We lived in the Estrada courts projects and went through the good and bad times but we always had lots of love for each other.

I never claimed to be an author (writer) but when I think too long, things seem to come out of my pen on paper. This is all about life’s journey and my visions of it. So, jump on my fantasy train and enjoy my brain. Hope you like the trip, It’s just me Thomas F. Gibbs.

I do love Karaoke “Just me, singing out loud”.

Just Me Thinking Out Loud

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