Birthing a bee? Prairie Godmothers?  Guided by a Celtic Goddess? Gazing into a cauldron? Dancing in the moonlight?  A glitter fairy? Queens, sluts, and bitches? This is the sacred path to the Divine Feminine? It is. At least it is in the recently released spiritual memoir Lady of the Moonbow: Blessings, Dreams, and Celebrations of the Divine Feminine by Ann Jamason.

In these times of confusion, fear, and anger this memoir offers hope. In a simple, comprehensible language, using her voice of maturity in a fierce and honest manner, the author shares her spiritual journey. Ann doesn’t force the idea of spirituality but provides a warm, welcoming introduction to the feminine heart, memory, and soul.  As a “woman of a certain age”, she explores the many experiences that have shaped her; experiences that are ordinary but also full of magic and inspiration. She shares so authentically that the reader feels like she is talking with the author and can see her frown, smile, laugh, or cry as she writes. Her life is sometimes serious but it’s also amazingly great fun. This memoir takes the reader into a world that is boldly colorful, alive and full of adventure.

This is an intimate inquiry into one woman’s heart. As she leaves the world of masculine rules, Ann takes the reader through her fears, transformations, and awakenings. She eventually embraces her true self and names her own truths with a combination of tender vulnerability, wit, and irreverence. Her story is airy-fairy and also so Kansas practical as she breaks free.  Finding her roots through remembering, her ancestral Prairie Godmothers give her comfort and strength. Their examples help her to recognize where she’s been and guide her to where she wants to go as she aligns her ordinary life with a life of passion, creativity, and intuitiveness.

Lady of the Moonbow Ann Jamason

The goddess, Brigid, encourages her to probe the nature of feminine spirituality. Learning to be present and listen, she slowly awakens to more beauty, wonder, and creativity.  Ann is gifted with powerful symbols rooted in her feminine center, which lead her to be more grounded and heart-filled.

Approaching life with compassion, understanding, and wisdom, Ann connects with women who are also seeking. Because of her clear descriptions, the reader feels a part of the sacred circles and retreats that explore the mysteries of nature and the inner world. Encouraged to be a participant, too, the reader can freely dance, create, and tell her stories. Soon new and exciting personal answers can be discovered, leaving everyone dazzled but much more alive and empowered. Touching this energy gives women new ways to be rich in imagination. As we age, Ann offers possibilities and new choices as to how we can nurture ourselves and create a new world. An older woman can age gracefully, more in touch with her own inner authority and natural intelligence. We can live much fuller lives—it is up to us!

Following the transformational teachings and insights of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Dr. Marion Woodman, and Sue Monk Kidd, Ann then trusts her own inner knowing to determine what makes a woman who she is. Discovering new visions, voices, and ways of thinking and being, the reader is then given the freedom to explore her own life, patterns, and issues which can be now seen in a new light as beautiful, exuberant, wise and worthy.

Lady of the Moonbow Ann Jamason

       Lady of the Moonbow provides useful tools for the reader to stay sane in this sometimes crazy world. As it offers ideas for women to create their own way, this book can be an essential resource for other spiritual seekers. By visiting their own cauldron of life experiences, they can discover helpful personal guides for healing what needs to be healed and what within them needs to passionately come alive. The reader can take from the book what applies to them and leave the rest.

This inspirational memoir can also provide other therapists with a blueprint for women’s spiritual growth and evolvement. Its tools will help to draw out the lessons that their clients may have missed before. Perceptions can be shifted to fit a new maturity. Personal stories that are both empowering and meaningful can now unfold and be valued. This book helps to explain the deeper search for meaning in a way that is easy to grasp.

It is time for women to write their own stories based on their own experiences. Old ideas and ideals are giving way to something new.  Women have the capacity for connection, compassion, and great kindness— much-needed aspects of this world. We women also need to live vital lives and not continuously censure who we are. Messy and unpredictable as it may be, we must embrace the processes that lead to the radical healing power of unconventional self-love. If we take notice, magic is everywhere.  Lady of the Moonbow blends the playful with the profound. Its message is if we follow our own heart path, we can live bright, unique lives. On this journey there are tasty tidbits, pious moments, and motivational musings which lead to new guidelines: Dig deep inside, have fun, dance often, and always imagine more. Connect with others of true heart and mystery. Discover the light within and let nothing dampen our glow. Burst forth and live with bold colors!


Title: Lady of the Moonbow: Blessings, Dreams, and Celebrations of the Divine Feminine

Author: Ann Jamason

Genre: Biography and Memoir

Paperback: 238 pages

Publisher: BalboaPress

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1982214996

ISBN-13: 978-1982214999

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About the Author

Ann Jamason, MA, LPC, is a retired Jungian psychotherapist. For the past 30 years, she’s had a private practice in northern Colorado and has facilitated participatory workshops, Sacred Circles, and various classes in a safe, heart-centered environment. She is a ceremonial healer, feminist educator, soul maker and seeker of whimsy and magic. As an elder, she encourages others to discover their own sacred path so that they can live full, meaningful, and joyful lives.

Growing up in the center of Kansas, she has a direct connection with the “land of ahs.” She spent most of her adult life in northern Colorado where she raised her four children. Now she lives in “the land of enchantment” in Taos, New Mexico with her husband, three little white dogs, and four rescue cats. Ann wants everyone to celebrate life and dance as often as they can.

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