Lady One Horn’s Champion is an alternate world book in which the hero, Tris Horne, is dragged into another world by a demonic creature sent to kill him because of a prophecy which says he will battle the Dark Lord and the winner will control The World. It is a medieval world where swords, lances and the mace are the weapons used by the army. Tris helps create the bow and crossbow which gives a greater advantage over the enemy. It is a book that has Elves, Dwarves, Fairies, Dragons and Unicorns.

I’ve written for many years. When I was at work, I always had a notebook. When I got a break, I usually wrote. Sometimes stories come from something someone says or a dream. Sometimes, while I’m writing, another books pops into my head. I have many notebooks with stories or parts of books about it. Now, I use my computer. It’s a lot easier on the hands and a lot faster. If readers like books with humor, romance and action, this is the perfect book for them. There’s no off-key language which makes it appropriate for both young and old. I like science fiction and fantasy so my mind tends to turn to that type of reading.

I also have one (and possibly 3) children’s books, in mind; at least one western and am working on a spiritual book. I don’t know what I’d do without books; they and crafts are my passion. There are many similar books but each gives a different feeling. Some are more violent. Some are more boring. Whether or not you like it depends on your preference. I like a little romance, a little violence and a lot of imagination and, believe me, I have a lot of imagination. If you are interested in Lady One Horn’s Champion, It can be found at Authorhouse. com/store,,, Amazon, Google and several other websites. I hope it will one day be on DVD for those who like to listen but not to read or which don’t have any way to use an ebook. Words are only a concept in the mind until they are shared.