Laurence Thomas is an author with a passion for teaching. He most loves teaching others about poetry. His experiences in living in Germany, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, and Uganda have inspired him to write his book.

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Laurence Thomas

Laurence Thomas


Full name: Laurence W. Thomas
Age: 91
Birth Place: Ypsilanti, Michigan
Genre: Short Stories of many genres like dark fiction, humor, essays, and stories of fictionalized biography.
No. of Book Written: 10 or 12, plus many chapbooks

Interesting Facts

  • I spent most of my working career teaching in Uganda, Costa Rica, and Saudi Arabia.
  • I bought a car in Paris, shipped it to Cape Town, South Africa, and drove it to Uganda. I also drove from Michigan to Costa Rica and back.
  • Besides teaching, I lectured on poetry for 20 years in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I founded a literary arts journal, Third Wednesday, 10 years ago, and it’s still going strong.

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