All of us goes through an identity crisis whether it’s with our family, job, or church. We’re all on a journey to know ourselves better. We make good or bad choices that will affect our lives and those we have a relationship with. How do we embrace this crisis that determines the outcome of our lives? All of us show two faces on the job, with our family, in our church, etc. The goal is to be constant in all areas of our lives.

The story evolves around a Christian man name Christopher Watkins who is a Criminal Defense Lawyer, a faithful husband, a loving father, going through an identity crisis. He was reared by adopted parents who raised him in their beliefs and values. One day a football injury with his son begin a journey of unveiling family secrets that eventually lead to the truth of who he really is. In the process of change, will Christopher Watkins embrace the truth, or will it destroy him?

A Change is Coming Marilyn Hill

Life is hard and there are no fairytale stories… that may be the reason why I love to create and write stories of people and their experiences. I want people to read my stories to feel and identify themselves with the characters. The only way a person can change is that they must identify with something that shows them they can change too. There is no need to be afraid but embrace the change because it has been done before. My books embrace my experiences of places I’ve traveled and the people I’ve met. I love the creativity of writing. It allows the story to lead me because writing can’t be forced, it must flow.

I enjoy reading and most of the books I’ve read were a fairytale and not real. But there were some that touched my heart, or I can really identify with. Today, we are dealing with issues that we don’t talk about because of the white elephant in the room. Issues like domestic violence, drug addiction, rape, etc. because it’s uncomfortable and shameful. My book allows you to see the influences of the lust of the eyes and the flesh, and pride of life in my characters and the effects. The reader should read my book because it is real and human. Acts like a mirror that allows you to feel and see yourself. It brings you face to face with your real self. Every book has a message for the reader. I believe it is a good read and everyone can experience something from it.

“A Change Is Coming”

A Change is Coming Marilyn Hill

Christopher Watkins is a Christian, a criminal defense lawyer, hardworking, a faithful husband, and a devoted, loving father. Sarah Watkins is a socialite, stay-at-home mother, and fund-raiser; she enjoys being taken care of and has been married to Christopher for fifteen years. They have two sons, Monty and Trey, who love the game of football. Christopher’s youngest son Trey’s football injuries begin to unravel some deep family secrets. There is truth to the saying, “What’s done in the dark will come to light.”
The Watkins family is known for their notoriety, bourgeois demeanor, and riches. Christopher and his sister, Mindy, were adopted into the family. They were raised by Thomas and Beatrice Watkins. Christopher has always felt special and loved by his adopted parents. Mindy has managed to keep him grounded since their reunion and the death of their biological mother. Christopher vowed to make changes in his marriage and spend more time with his sons. In the process of making changes in his life, Christopher begins to learn who he really is. He was raised to be a certain person. But the truth eventually comes out, and he starts to believe his life is a lie. Christopher begins a journey on the road to discovery of his real self. Will the revelation and the pain of his past make him stronger? Will it destroy him? Or will Christopher’s faith in God bring him full circle with his life and peace in the end?
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About the Author

Originally from Saint Louis, Missouri, I came from a single parent home with one sibling. I’ve served in the United States Army for eight years. Reading and writing are my hobbies. It’s truly a gift that requires a lot of time and patience. I am currently an Administrative Assistant and my goal is to become a full-time writer. Also completed beginning and intermediate writing courses at the Institute of Children’s Literature. I’ve graduated from Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas and now reside in Fort Worth, Texas.

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A Change is Coming Marilyn Hill


A Change is Coming
Author: Marilyn Hill
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
]Paperback: 382 pages
Publisher: XLIBRIS
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1514483890
ISBN-13: 978-1514483893

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