When does a person’s calling or career become obvious to him or her? For me, it was ever since I knew that I wanted to take care of patients whether it be in their home, a hospital or a nursing home. When my mom took me to my first nursing home to sing Christmas carols to the patients, I found myself wanting to give each one a hug or shake their hand. A feeling of love came over me, a feeling I had never felt before. Later I would find out that the holy spirit had spoken to me. So I told my mom that this is what I want to be when I grow up.

I started working in nursing homes, I then took care of my patients in their home. One of my favorite things that I loved to do was to read to them and have them reminisce about their “good old days.”

Around six years ago, my oldest brother approached me to write a book. He told me I have been so blessed with such a beautiful testimony and I needed to share it with others. I told him he was crazy. I just never thought of becoming an author.

So my story begins…

Having Joy in the Midst of the Storm Cindy Oriol

In May of 2015, John and I renewed our tenth wedding anniversary on a beach south of Clearwater, Florida. The next day while I was sitting on the beach, writing in my journal that was given to me from my sister’s in Christ, The Lord spoke to me and said, “This will be the beginning of our book together.”

On June 8, 2015, I had surgery to remove two cysts off my pancreas and remove my spleen because the cysts were laying on it too.

Two days later, while I was recovering in the hospital, my oncologist entered my room and sat down at my bedside and held my hand. He said, “Cindy the biopsy has come back and it is cancerous.”

I wasn’t afraid or even felt like I wanted to cry.. He told me that my faith would get me through this. I told him, “Praise the Lord.” I knew the Lord was present. He held me in His loving arms and gave me peace. His calm assuring peace.. He had already told me that I had cancer and that I was going to be fine, before the doctor even knew.

Now it was time to write my book. I could feel the presence of the Lord guiding me along the way. But unfortunately, my book was pushed aside as my health got worse because around that time I had a life-changing injury that put me in a wheelchair for a year, I endured two different types of cancer-pancreas and breast. Then I suffered from a stroke, but the Lord blessed me with minimum side effects. Shortly thereafter, I had to go see a neurologist because my body was causing me to hop across the floor or else it would start shaking and I would fall to the floor or the sofa. After many tests, I was told that my problem was called “Functional Movement Disorder (FMD).” The explanation was that my brain neurons (the hardware) were not connecting properly. The signals (the software) were not going through (the glitch). causing the seizure symptoms.  Later on, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and because of the chemo that was in my body, I developed neuropathy in both my feet. All in a period of six years.

Having Joy in the Midst of the Storm Cindy Oriol

Living in horrific pain and not being able to see the way forward, I despaired of ever being able to serve the Lord. I was in need of mercy and healing because I was facing a crisis of my faith.

Through all of my health issues, I have been so blessed to have my husband John, He is a wonderful man who has taken care of me through all of this.. He loves me like Jesus does faults and all. Having the Lord in every aspect of our marriage has kept us strong and faithful to Him and to each other.

My book is the shining testimonial of my surrender to Jesus, for healing and grace.. I had to go to the foot of the cross and the throne of grace to turn everything over to Him. I found that I can surrender all.

The storms of life put us all in periods of indecision, loneliness, pain and even a sense of defeat. The question confronting us is how do we face and deal with these storms. I reveal in my book what helps me to stay strong I explain the ups and downs of my journey as I travel through. Just to know that He will never leave me gives me strength. When storms come crushing over us we are surrounded by His love and comfort. He gives us peace and all we have to do is cry out to Him. And ask for His grace and healing. I speak from my heart about the storms I have endured, and I hope that others will be inspired and encouraged by my faith and my writing of this book “HAVING JOY IN THE MIDST OF THE STORM.”


Having Joy in the Midst of the Storm Cindy Oriol

Book: Having Joy in the Midst of the Storm: Through the Storm He Is Lord, Lord of All

Author: Cindy Oriol

Genre: Christian Living

Paperback: 174 pages

Publisher: Westbow Press

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1973657929

ISBN-13: 978-1973657927

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