Netflix is a streaming platform where members can watch interesting movies and serials that showrunners have painstakingly produced. There are a lot of great shows on Netflix. However, there are also some that have to be canceled due to a variety of factors.

Here is a partial list of canceled Netflix shows for the year 2019:

The Killing

list of cancelled Netflix shows

This show actually has a very interesting run. ‘The Killing‘ originally ran in AMC, but then got canceled – twice. Netflix picked it up afterward. Although the show got canceled a third time, the show still ended right where it should be.


list of cancelled Netflix shows

Aside from being a streaming site, Netflix is also the home to a couple of international shows. ‘Atelier‘ is one of them. This story is about a young woman trying to make a breakthrough in the Japanese fashion industry.


list of cancelled Netflix shows

Speaking of Japanese, Netflix also ran ‘Hibana‘ but eventually canceled it. The show failed at entertaining a broad audience, after all. The show didn’t get renewed for another season after its first one.

House of Cards

A political thriller, ‘House of Cards‘ actually enjoyed a good following. It was so good Netflix was able to run it for six seasons. However, it seems that the show will have to make a curtain call due to the sexual assault allegations against its lead actor, Kevin Spacey.

Marco Polo

Just like most of the canceled shows in Netflix, ‘Marco Polo‘ only ran for two seasons. There are no official statements as to why. However, many believe that the production budget may have a lot to do with it.

These are just five productions on the list of canceled Netflix shows before the year 2019 even started. Expect that Netflix will pull the plug on a few more plugs this year. Of course, you can expect that only those that actually deserve to cancellation will be canceled. Stay tuned at Paperclips Magazine for the most up-to-date Netflix news!


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