Author Profile

Full Name: Luis Martinez
Birthdate: September 27, 1988
Age: 30
Birthplace: Chicago, ILL
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
No. of Books Written: Only one so far but I’m working on number two currently

Interesting Facts

  • I find myself dabbling in the artistic field. I love to draw, write, and play metal music on the guitar.
  • Also I tend to play video games as well. It helps me cope with every day stresses that come into my life.
  • I absolutely love pizza and could eat it every day. Embarrassingly I have to admit that I have eaten pizza every day before for a week! I am a huge animal lover and I love both cats and dogs. But if I have to pick one I will go with Team Cats.

Featured Books

Notable Characters Created

+ Charlie (The Kid)

+ Sean Anders

+The Mimic