Long distance relationship has many hurdles compared to normal relationships. You’ll end up waiting for a long time just to see each other. You’ll feel anxious about what the other is doing. Is he/she fine? Is he/she feeling lonely? Your trust and love will be tested over and over. Since that is the case, showing that you love your girlfriend as much as possible is a given.

Aside from sending her booklover girlfriend books with shocking covers, you can also give her some amazing gifts. However, just buying gifts somewhere and then giving that to your girlfriend is too normal. You have to give your gift a twist to make your long-distance girlfriend’s heart skip a beat.

aspiring author with a newly published book

Try making a love jar then.

A love jar is where you will be writing some notes for your girlfriend to read while you are far away. It should be easy and fun to make for you. Even if you are not used to writing notes, that doesn’t matter since what you will be writing are your true feelings. You may also research online for what you can write.

aspiring author with a newly published bookTo start with, you have to prepare the materials. The first thing on the list is the ball jar. This is where you will be putting all of the notes you have made. A wide-mouthed jar is highly recommended since you will have an easier time putting the notes in and your girlfriend will have an easier time taking them out as well.

Next, get several colored papers. It is highly recommended to have a set of colored paper that has three to five colors. If you have five colors, you can divide your notes accordingly: “our moments & memories”, “what I know about you”, “what I want you to know about me”, “our favorite quotes & lyrics”, and “reasons why I love you”.

Lastly, don’t forget the colored pens. While you can consider this as an optional thing to prepare, you will be able to show to your girlfriend that you put in more effort into the making of the love notes because you used the colored pen. Well, even a black pen should be enough though. Just make certain that the pen you used won’t easily get erased, especially over time.

After you have prepared the materials, go to your ingredient and type a label for your ball jar. In the label, you have to write out the instructions that you want your girlfriend to follow when it comes to the love jar gift you are giving to her. Also, let her know what each color represents.

Give the jar to her. The best time to give the jar to your girlfriend is right before New Year. If you are already away from her now and you still want to give this as a gift, you can just mail the jar to her. You won’t have to pay a lot just to have a reliable courier company deliver this particular jar to your girlfriend’s home. Pretty sure she’ll be thrilled to receive this from you.

Of course, if your girlfriend is an aspiring author with a newly published book, get her masterpiece advertised in Paperclips Magazine. It will move her heart too!