Going Beyond

Fantasy. Conceit. Illusion. We come to these places when we want to escape from reality. We visit these realms beyond the actual world and explore through the domains of what goes beyond the eye. But sometimes there appears a thin line between the ‘actual’ reality and the reality we wish to believe because our imagination creates what we fail to see in the actual world and the reality of the world is what makes up what the mind creates.

Paperclips Magazine - March Magazine Issue - Avengers: Endgame

At a time when life’s atrocities become too heavy to bear or pain becomes too painful to feel and happiness becomes too good to be true, breaking a thin line is a rewarding escape route where human mind opens a portal of a little world of unrestricted reality. There, we go beyond ‘what is’. As many would argue, like others would agree, reality and fantasy/fiction are two different dimensions that cannot co-exist. But what if, at some point, it can? We are not making any miracle, but we’re counting on chances and possibilities – ‘what possibly can’.

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As film industries are thriving to attract audiences within the month’s parade of movies, Paperclips Magazine is also drawn into going beyond the usual and bring in a fresh new taste of reality and fantasy alike. We dared to join together reality, fantasy and illusions in the pages of a single masterpiece. This month’s issue is a product of going to possibilities, of going beyond. We offer a special new look of the magazine that features a great deal of greatest and most anticipated movies of the month: Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones, and Shazam! to name a few, together with some horror, family drama and comedy flicks to share the limelight.


Now, the correlation between reality and fantasy comes with these carefully chosen movies to fit the theme. Ranging from different movie genres, all these are presented in a way that brings the wonders of fantasy in the real events and actual world and depicts the reality of the world in a woven fantasy. Odd, right? These very pages are the impossibilities you might as well think.

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While we get used to watching fictional movies and TV shows while imagining ‘what if’ they’re real, well, the odds are: they’re events and situations that really happened or they’re product of a visionary that’s actually happened somewhere hidden in the world we exist. However they appear or presented, they all tell a gratifying story.


While the Avengers are nearing the endgame now and the fight for throne is now arriving at the final arc, Paperclips Magazine has just begun travelling the path of possibilities that will further the work beyond what we already offered. Enjoy every flip of the pages of our first step in going beyond.


Lara Kaye
Paperclips Magazine