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Doug Huestis

Full Name: Marilyn Hill
Birthplace: St.Louis, Mo
Genre: Christian Drama, Religion, Spiritual & Suspense Fiction
Books Written: 3
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Interesting Facts

  • My hobbies are reading & writing. I love to journal & create stories on my experiences, people I’ve met & places I’ve traveled.
  • I’ve taken courses at the Institute of Children’s Literature to find my niche in writing to perfect the gift. Completed basic & intermediate writing courses & receive my certificate of completion.
  • I love to travel and meet new people. Enjoy doing missions to other countries & serving others.

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Marilyn Hill

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Notable Characters Created

+ Christopher Watkins: A devoted Christian, faithful husband & a loving father. He was adopted to the watkins family. He has a biological sister. A well known & successful criminal defense lawyer in the city of Jackson Mississippi.

+ Sarah Watkins: A socialite, stay home mom & event planner. She loved her sons & gave them the best of everything. She is an only child & spoil & use to having her way.

+ Mason Brooks: The most eligible bachelor in Jackson, Mississippi. He is quite the lady’s man. Mason been single for a long time but ready to get married to the woman of his dreams. He fell inlove with a woman he can’t have.