Marilyn Smith-Hawkins lives in Florida. She desires her family’s experience with cancer to minister to others and plans to donate proceeds from her book to cancer charities for children.

Author Profile

Full name: Marilyn Kay Hawkins
Birth Date: January 29, 1944
Birth Place: Wayland, Michigan
Age: 74
Pen Name: Marilyn Hawkins
Genre: Non Fiction

Interesting Facts

  • I helped my first husband renovate the farmhouse I was born and raised in. We lived there raising our three children for fifteen years.
  • I went on a mission trip with my church twice to volunteer at Grace Children’s Hospital in Port Au Prince, Haiti.
  • I moved to Florida alone to start life over at age 52 because my Doctor said I needed to change jobs. He said being a cashier (standing in on position) for twenty years was part of the problem for my severe arthritis.
  • After being single and lonesome for eight years I met my present husband. After eight wonderful years together I have become his caretaker because he is in the fifth year of Alzheimer’s disease.

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