Mary Poppins Returns is the bold sequel of the classic Mary Poppins originally starring multi-award winning actress Julie Andrews. Picking up from where the 1964 Disney movie left off, the said sequel will star versatile actress Emily Blunt in the titular role of Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins Returns on Tuesday Thoughts

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Director Rob Marshall, who owns the directorial seat of the said film promises an original plot and not a rehash of the old movie. Screenwriter David Magee points out that they want to craft a whole new story for this sequel. The entire sequel, especially the soundtrack which made Mary Poppins memorable, has been tailor-made for Blunt by the creative team. Blunt herself sighed a breath of relief upon knowing that she won’t have to sing the iconic music that Andrews sang before.

“The truth is, from the very beginning, we knew how loved the first film was, and we wanted to pay homage to it and make reference to it, but we wanted to make sure that when you started our film, you were watching a new story, a new installment. The hope is that once we’ve gotten you fully into our world, we could use little tiny references or turns of phrase in music to remind you of a connection, but not constantly rely on the original to say, ‘See? See?!’ We thought it was more respectful to earn your interest in this movie, and then make it a much fuller experience by connecting it to the old film.”

Blunt and the entire production team are both excited and anxious to bring an all-new side of Mary Poppins in the Mary Poppins Returns film. Together with Blunt, the film also stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury, Colin Firth, and many more. The film will be on theaters this coming December 19.

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