Why are we still looking towards the sky?  They’re already here!

Extraterrestrials (ET’s), Martians, aliens, whatever you call the creature we shiver to think will one day rule planet Earth, are no longer planning to shock by attacking us with an unending barrage of ships more than a mile in length.  We’re not going to find alien bodies lying all over the well-trimmed landscapes of our front lawns when we go out to retrieve our morning paper. All having conveniently died from exposure to our “clean” atmosphere.

Forget the endless nights glassing from space observatories and put away the telescope you have sticking out of your bedroom window.  The long-awaited invasion that we have spent more than 60 years preparing for has already happened.  Slipped right by us as it were.  Instead of the well-conceived plan to just run us over with thousands of aliens brandishing the latest in outer space laser weaponry, the least obvious, but most sensible option has already been used by these would-be conquers.

Master Plan: You Have Been Warned. They’re Here!

Things that we have gotten used to as Beings who live here on the planet Earth have been used against us.  It’s the perfect Master Plan!  Earthlings are subject to diseases, allergies and other challenges to our delicate makeup.  The most prominent among these ailments pollen is least understood and suffered by millions.  Doesn’t take a genius (are aliens’ geniuses?), to incorporate the use of pollen in infecting a host with a gene that the alien would want to be transported to Earth.  Saves much time, risk, effort, personnel.  A human host to nurture, deliver and then raise this “implant” to adulthood so that he/she can serve his/her intended purpose. True genius!

Who hasn’t heard the question, “where do babies come from?”, or the statement “babies are miracles!” “Master Plan” proposes to answer the question while presenting some reasonable explanations as to why this take on the mystery of birth should not be taken lightly.

Come along with me as we read and understand how these creatures intend to take over the Earth so that we can be prepared to do what we must to fight, run or be at their mercy!

The signs are all around, take heed!  Is what we do each day in life predetermined by some Master Plan devised by creatures we may or may not have had the pleasure to meet?

You have been warned. They’re HERE!

Master Plan is available for purchase on Amazon and also can be purchased at more outlets like  Barnes & Noble; e-books; Microsoft books; www.authorenormankimble.com, etc.).  Just search for “Master Plan by E. Norman Kimble

$3.99 (E-book), $19.99 (Softcover), and $29.99 (Hardcover).
Autographed copies may be obtained directly from the author, as well as T-Shirts and other premium items.

Master Plan can be purchased at more outlets than Amazon (e.g., Barnes & Noble; e-books; Microsoft books; www.authorenormankimble.com, etc.).

Books sell for $3.99 e-books; $19.99 soft cover; $29.99 hard cover.  Autographed copies may be obtained directly from the author, as well as T-Shirts and other promotional items.



Master Plan

By E. Norman Kimble

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Publisher: Xlibris Corp

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1984571796


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