Joining the list of supernatural films about werewolves and secrecy is Among The Shadows. This film stars Lindsay Lohan and Charlotte Beckett and is set out to be released through video on demand on March 5, 2019. Among The Shadows, produced by Nomenclature Film and Jay-X Entertainment, follows the story of a private investigator who sets out to probe the murder of her uncle, all the while keeping the secret that she is a descendant of werewolves. With the interesting plot, let’s meet some of the cast that makes up the film.

The Cast

Lindsay Lohan plays the role of a girl named Patricia. While Lohan is no stranger to the film industry, a supernatural thriller is definitely new to her game, which makes it interesting how she will bring life to her character. Lohan has a background in horror and thriller films which are close enough to this type of genre. This, let’s cross fingers for what her character in the film will turn out.

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Charlotte Beckett plays the lead role as Detective Kristy Wolfe who conceals the secret that she is from a bloodline of werewolves. Beckett has had her share in the film and television industry. She played a variety of roles, including as the Beautiful Witch from the TV series Penny Dreadful.

Gianni Capaldi plays the role of Lieutenant McGregor and the partner of Detective Kristy Wolfe in her investigation. Capaldi is an award-winning Scottish actor that is for his character as Rory in the 2018 film River Runs Red and as Kurt in the 2013 film Blood of Redemption.

Daniel Hugh Kelly plays the role of Bittencourt in the film. Kelly has a long list in his portfolio of film and TV shows. He has also played a wide variety of characters. He was part of the film Star Trek: Insurrection in 1998 as the character Sojef.

These four lead roles have very impressive resumes that make us anticipate to just how good the movie will be. We shall see.

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