A new psychological horror is coming to theaters soon. After its premiere in the 2018 TIFF, Greta will finally have the opportunity to keep your adrenaline running. This film will keep you holding your breath in suspense for almost an hour and a half.

The Cast of Greta

The film casts Isabelle Huppert in the titular role of Greta. Huppert is best known for her role as Michelle in the 2016 film Elle. That role won her a Golden Globes Award for Best Actress and a couple of other nominations.

In Greta, she’s absolutely perfect for the role of an eccentric piano teacher. As she is playing a French role, it basically fits her character to speak with a heavy English accent. She’s also natural at doing so since she’s French.

Opposite Huppert is Chloë Grace Moretz. She plays the role of Frances McCullen. Frances is the young woman Greta becomes obsessed with. She originally sympathizes with Greta’s loneliness. After all, both have suffered a loss of loved one, with Greta being a widow and Frances losing her mother just recently. Though, eventually, she finds Greta’s attitude disturbing. After Frances resolves to ignore Greta’s calls, the latter ends up stalking her everywhere.


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Moretz already has numerous acting credits including The Amityville Horror, Suspiria, The 5th Wave, Carrie, If I Stay, and Kick-Ass 1 & 2. In particular, her roles in Carrie, The Amityville Horror, and Suspiria may be the reason behind her commendable acting skills in the horror/psychological genre.

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Aside from Huppert and Moretz, Maika Monroe is also starring in this horror film. She will play Frances’ best friend, Erica. She will be skeptical of Frances and Greta’s friendship.

Monroe has worked together with Moretz back in 2016 in the movie The 5th Wave. Additionally, Monroe already starred in a couple of films including At Any Price, The Guest, and Hot Summer Nights.

Other cast members are Colm Feore, Zawe Ashton, Stephen Rea, Jeff Hiller, Raven Dauda, and Thaddeus Daniels. Expect that their respective performances can increase the thrill factor in Greta. Excited fans should keep an eye out for this film this March 1, 2019 in theaters nationwide.