The Wedding Guest isn’t the kind of movie you think it is. After all, it’s chock full of questions. Right off the bat, a shroud of mystery hovers in its opening credits. For a film that barely scratched the surface of Hollywood potential, it is still given credit for its unique and fresh take. The cast isn’t extensive but that helps the audience get a better understanding of each individual in the movie.

Cast of The Wedding Guest

Dev Patel plays the role of a British Muslim man, Jay. He journeys across Pakistan and India to stage an abduction of a bride-to-be so she can reunite with her wealthy Indian lover. Not much is known about his character. I guess it’s also part of the charm the writers are trying to convey. At some point in the movie, their plan does not go as intended and they end up traveling together across the subcontinent.

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Radhika Apte plays Samira, the woman who finds herself in an arranged marriage but later on hires Patel’s character to stage a kidnapping so that she could escape her fate and reunite with her Indian lover. I must say, the chemistry between Apte and Patel’s character is electric. This really helps the film a lot, considering that it was a bit lackluster in plenty of aspects.

Jim Sarbh is portraying Samira’s wealthy Indian lover Deepesh. He spearheads the plan of the abduction but later on changes his mind after the plan goes out of hand and kills someone. He then orders Jay to take Samira back to Pakistan and leave her there.

An unconventional love story blossoms from this tragic and heavy movie. During their journey back, we learn a lot about the two leads but more about Samira, to be honest. Jay is just this ball of mystery whose story probably got washed away from all the action. Nevertheless, Director Michael Winterbottom delivered a decent movie that was unique in a way.