Transit is an amazingly written movie, just ask anyone who has seen it. The cinematography is breathtaking and the plot is one of the most unique I have encountered. Not a lot of people would agree, especially if you’re into a more colorful setting, but for most of us who enjoy a good, peaceful movie with a great twist and deep sense of abstruseness, then Transit is a great film.

It’s a story of a man who flees France after a series of Nazi invasion. He then assumes the identity of a deceased author whose papers he has possession of. He ends up being stuck in a place called Marseilles and from there, he meets a woman who is looking for her missing husband: the same man he’s impersonating. It was fine at first until he ends up falling in love with the same woman.


cast of transit


The Cast of Transit

As Transit is an upcoming film, many have prepared their pen and paper to write their review. Of course, it is imperative to take note of the cast and crew that makes up this film.

Christian Petzold sits on the directorial chair for this film that’s based loosely on the novel by Anna Seghers. It is set in the year 1942.

The movie casts Franz Rogowski and Paula Beer to play the roles of Georg and Marie, respectively. Franz Rogowski may not be a familiar name to all, especially to the US market. However, his acting credentials can’t be denied. He gained international fame with his role in the German thriller Victoria. The same goes for Paula Beer. At just 24-years old, she’s already starred in plenty of German films.

Georg (Rogowski) who lives in France flees after German troops storm the country. Along the way, he comes across papers from a French novelist who took his life in a French hotel. Fortunately for him, bringing the guy’s credentials and transit papers helps him with his escape. He ends up in Marseilles where he meets Marie (Beer).



Transit is intense and mesmerizing. It definitely gives a lot of idea about the life people had during its time period setting. Most importantly, this fascinating movie showcases an impactful drama with romance and suspense. Set for release on March 1, 2019, be sure to grab a ticket for yourself.