We Die Young is a gritty action thriller that follows the life of a teenage boy who grows up serving a drug lord. His services include delivering drugs to people and collecting payments and although he wants out, he is unable to because of a lot of circumstances. When his younger brother gets recruited by the same drug lord though, he tries to stop it. Powerless, he asks help from a war veteran who suffers from PTSD and a head trauma that leaves him unable to talk.

This film is strangely similar to a short called ‘Roads’. This was the same short that was in the Guinness World Records for the most awards given to a student film. Well, the reason why is because it is the exact same story. It is also directed by the same person. Lior Geller evolved this short into a full-length movie. However, instead of remaining in the streets of Israel, he switched it to Washington D.C. It still follows the same plot, though.

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The Cast of We Die Young

Jean-Claude Van Damme plays the war veteran called Daniel. He suffers from PTSD and because of a major head injury, he is unable to speak. The trailer shows how he’s merely nodding and shaking his head, so that’s a given. Elijah Rodriguez plays Lucas, the teen who works in and out of the criminal underbelly (much to his agony). Nicholas Sean Johnny plays Lucas’ younger brother Miguel – a young boy facing the same fate as his brother. Lucas tries to prevent this by asking help from Daniel after they flee from their aggressors. The movie also stars David Castaneda, who is also to be found in Netflix’ newest series The Umbrella Academy.

The movie will serve as a comeback for Jean-Claude Van Damme, who has gone missing from the action scene for quite some time now. We Die Young is set to release in select theaters nationwide this March 1, 2019.