Hearing the name Tyler Perry always rings a bell for me. I mean, why wouldn’t it? Tyler Perry is the ultimate comedian who made a ton of money doing what he loves most: comedy. He’s involved in plenty of films, television shows, and a lot of stage work, as well. You could well say that his name is synonymous to success and for Tyler Perry, having a net worth of more than $800 million is what makes the cut.

One of his finest and most famous work is ‘Madea and if you’re from this century then you most probably have heard of it. She’s an energetic character that Tyler Perry created and surprisingly, he also performs her. Madea is a tough elderly black woman who has admirable guts but a rather rotten personality. You’d think that because Perry is a guy he’d have a hard time portraying someone of the opposite gender who’s also a little too old, but that’s where you’re wrong; Tyler Perry makes it look like playing Madea is the easiest thing to do. Quite an impressive feat but if you’re as talented as Perry then it’s most certainly a walk in the park.

As the man playing Madea, Tyler Perry’s acting shifts from being hilarious to being vindictive as Madea is that kind of character. She loves to swear a lot. Her criminal records start way back to when she was merely nine years old. She is sassy, funny, and she most definitely loves using the usual urban expressions in a robust manner. Perry has instilled so much life into Madea that it’s sometimes almost hard to recognize the man inside the costume.

There are currently 10 ‘Madea’ movies out. The 11th, an “ending” film called ‘A Madea Family Funeral’, will hit the theaters this March 1st, 2019. Although a little dark-sounding, we get to see Tyler Perry play not only Madea herself but three other characters. This talented man will be portraying Joe, Brian, and Heathrow. They’re different characters and despite that, there’s that signature Tyler Perry look beneath the heavy makeup and costume.

A Madea Family Funeral hits theaters March 1, 2019. The film is rumored to be the perfect ending to the franchise. Tyler Perry wrote and directed the film himself.